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Things I love about the D.R

This is just my experience and would love to hear about other peoples experience.

  1. The belief in ‘living in today’

  2. Extremely close knit family units

  3. Friendly people, always

  4. Non-violent people

  5. Presidente beer!

  6. Wonderful run

  7. fresh food instead of processed food

  8. Overall healthier lifestyle. When I moved there in Dec. 2005 I weighed 252 pounds. When I first went back to the states in oct. 2006 I weighed 180, and I never tried to lose weight! I have been back in the states for about a year now and I am back over 200.

  9. Church in the D.R.

  10. Extremely curious children

  11. The childlike nature of many adults

  12. Lush green scenery year round

  13. Going outside and ‘picking’ breakfast off a back yard tree.

  14. The way a Dominican is so proud of their simple home.

  15. The pride a Dominican has for his/her country

  16. Salt water

  17. Swimming in a river that possibly could have been in the movie “Jurassic Park”

  18. Total acceptance of me in the campo

  19. The way the locals love my little girl and protect her as a family unit.

Can’t get any better than that. ;D

BTW jahaira I’ve been trying to learn spanish for ever and was wondering - have you learned the language yet living there? if so was it easy?

Muchos gracias

Not sure exactly of your age but I might assume you are in midlife as I am, 50 something? The older we get the harder it is to learn a new language. Also, some people just have a knack for other languages. Me… old and do not have the knack! I can get by going to a store, restaurant etc. but the only person I can really have a conversation with is my wife, Yahaira. We speak 'Spanglish"!

Keep in mind I was not even around any English speaking folks for most of a year. I was in the campo where NOBODY speaks any English. Where is Las Corales? Are you living there?

Domingos, where art tha??
looks like they are packing Phil,
they will be back here soon.
Los Corales is a appartment and small villas area in the middle of bavaro, a beautiful beach area. they are here quiet often and great supporters of our children.
sure they are packing now, ha ha.

now i pressed the send button too fast.
to add to the thread what i love about the DR:
you sit at a street bar in bavaro having some cold ones with friends,
the AMET Lady passing by, of course all know each others,
telling everybody “hey guys, you know, fun is o.k. but you drink, so don’t drive”.
2 hrs later you start your car and after 150 meters you pass the crossing where she is at that moment,
she give’s you the sign to stop,
sure you stop,
and she asks you for a ‘bola’.
s’y’ around

i love how you can go to the colmado and ask for un pedazo de queso(a piece of cheese) or un chin de mantequilla! (a teeny bit of butter! or you can say 5 pesos de queso! they actually can sell you a tiny bit of something! love it!!

I love that almost any Dominican would gladly give you their last piece of bread, and their last swig of rum/beer, and then teach you how to dance merengue on their front porch.
Such a warm hearted, compasionate, giving, and fun-loving culture!!

Things I loved:
The beach
Driving along the malecon and looking at the beautiful scenery
The people
The pride of the Dominicans
The weather
watching the sunrise and sunset from my balcony
buying only what you need
hiring a driver. no need for a car
Meeting people from all over the world who visit or live in the DR
Going out all night…sleeping in the day…(when the horns were not beeping)
Being treated like a queen at the beauty shop
Dominican men!!! (No futher details included) LOL

All of the above


Thank you just saw your post I am in Punta Cana right now and have been here much on Debbies.

Yes I am also in the 50s and find it difficult to learn another language.

I would need a full immersion such as yourself being around only Spanich speaking folks.

Los Corales is in the Bavaro area - we bought a place 4 years ago for our retirement and need to learn the Spanish language plans are to spend some winther months here. Learning Spanish is a must for us.

Good luck with your Spanglish.


To the Domingos:
We are neighbours ;D Our place is in el dorado, we bought 3 years ago. Lots of similarities, we are 50 and will be retiring in PC also. We travel to PC 3-4x per year and every time we go we try very hard to learn more Spanish, its hard for us too. We drive the waiters and waitresses crazy in the restaurants trying to learn simple terms like fork, knife etc (we have those down pat btw ;)). We need to be fully immersed with Spanish speaking people and I’m sure it will be easier :slight_smile:

Not necessarilly easier…MANDATORY! LOL When you are in a totally Spanish speaking society one simply ‘tries harder’!

[quote=@jahaira]Not necessarilly easier…MANDATORY! LOL When you are in a totally Spanish speaking society one simply ‘tries harder’!
I’m sure!! :wink:


That is great and glad to hear we Canadian neighbours… sent you a PM.

Got it :smiley: How cool is that ;D

Something else I love about the DR is shopping at the Colmados and even some of the grocery stores. They have a litle of everything!!! I can even buy 1 egg ;D, not that I would but I like it.
We were travelling around and stopped in this little town. The only Colmado in town sold cheese that was only made in the DR. The shopkeeper, was such a nice lady, she brought out her bucket that was filled with a brine where the cheese was kept. She put on her glove and kept feeding us cheese until we had enough, then charged us for what we ate :smiley: Loved this!
Then a couple locals dropped in, we took some pictures, exchanged alot of smiles and went on our way, it made our day ;D

quote "and she asks you for a ‘bola’.
s’y’ around
Mike "


I’ve been here for a month now. I love the people, they are so wonderful. Food and lack of spice hard to get used to. Spanish lessons are hard but coming along. This is the best winter I have ever had. It has been quiet here at Albatros in Juan Dolio but the tourists are starting to arrive for the Xmas season. My son arrives next week. As said above, the live for today here, something we should all do! Don’t know what’s going on in the North American economy, don’t want to know. Doesn’t really affect me but I think some of the resorts will be affected. Come to DR, enjoy the pace of live.

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seeing a family of four and a dog riding on 1 motorbike!