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Things to do in Playa Dorada Complex


Haven’t stayed in the Playa Dorada area since 2007 and thinking about going to Gran Ventana end of March. I have heard there have been a lot of closures in the past few years. Does anyone know if the shopping plaza is still open? Are there any night clubs open for something to do after the resort shuts down? Any spas in the area? Any info would be helpful. Thank you!


The shopping plaza is still open, sort of. It’s pretty well a ghost town.
Pizza Hut is gone, Hemingways has been closed for years and Phil’s Bar is gone too.
There’s probably a few junk stores open but I think that’s about it.

We’ve not stayed in Playa Dorada the last two years, but the bus did drive through the complex to make a few stops coming and going from the airport.

Maybe someone who has stayed at a resort in the complex this year can fill us in.

Not many resorts still open in the complex. Celuisma, Blue Bay, Gran Ventana, Barcelo, Grand Paradise and possibly Puerto Plata Village leap to mind. Marien and Iberostar are still open just outside the complex (Costa Dorada).


Actually a fair number of shops in cluding a new sports bar are still open in the mall. There is a disco as well as casino open.
YOu might think about a day/evening trip to Sosua or cabarete to enjoy the beaches there as well as the number of restaurants, shops, clubs and bars.



Thanks bobk. Nice to know. We did drive by the plaza on our way to Lifestyles in Cofressi to drop off some passengers at Gran Ventana. The plaza ‘appeared’ to be in better condition than last year, but unless you actually stop and get to go in, you never know if that’s window dressing or not. Hopefully Playa Dorada has bottomed out and things are improving. :slight_smile:


Things seem to be improving and they are running a high occupancy rate so far this season
The arrivial of the cruise ships this fall will help as well.
Bob K


The arrivial of the cruise ships this fall will help as well.
Bob K[/quote]
I think the jury is still out on that one. I think it will help too, but others feel that the cruise terminal is too far away from Playa Dorada to help. Time will tell.


There will be excursions to Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabaerete. So there will be exposure to some extent. Maybe not in Playa Dorada itself but maybe enough to encourage folks to come back for a visit.

It look at it as an investment on maybe future bookings for the resorts in the area.