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Things to see in Matanzas


Is it worth to make a trip to Matanzas? Please share your experiences. Thanks


Haven’t actually visited the sights because the few times we visited the city was to visit friends. I DID at one point ask them a bit about their lovely city and was told the story of how the city got its name (Massacre in Spanish!).
This port city has a strong African heritage (from plantation slavery back in late 1700s) and is known for its geographical location (port + 3 rivers in the area), so if you like taking pictures of boats, harbours and bridges, you should be pleased.
Should you prefer the architectural route, there’s the San Carlos Cathedral (c. 1850s) and the Sauto Theatre.


I really enjoyed the Pharmacy Museum. It is on the main square. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful.


I liked the rooftop bar on top of the Match Factory. Also the Pharmacy Museum.