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Thinking of the Decameron - Questions


Planning a trip with a group of friends at the end of April and am really curious about the Royal Decameron Salinitas. I have a few questions for anyone experienced with the resort.

  1. We are all in our early 30’s - married couples, looking to basically unwind, drink and eat, but we do like a decent nightlife as well so we have the option to do it up if we choose, so am wondering if this is an option here.

  2. What is the local beer like, and how is the rum?

  3. How’s the food.

  4. is the beach really as bad as it looks?


1a. Unwind, drink, eat? Done and done. A great place to relax. Lots of pools, lots of available shade on the deck, gorgeous gardens, never seemed crowded at all, most weekdays we had the pools to ourselves. Weekends a lot of locals come for a getaway, but not packed.

1b. Nightlife? No, not really. A small band played in the evening at the pool bar, but not a lot of activity. And as far as off-resort, I wouldn’t venture too far afield on my own. Every excursion comes with an armed escort, a lot of gang activity in the cities and El Salvador is fairly new to the North American tourist industry.

  1. Local beer is nice, a lot like Corona. Rum was disappointing, no real good dark sipping rum, like a Havana Club for instance. More like amber, which was fine mixed in cocktails.

  2. Food was quite good, a nice mix of local flavours and western style. We had a very nice steak house experience on the resort twice in our 1 week stay. The a la cartes were better than the buffet, and the buffet was not that bad.

  3. Hell yes. With a 3 metre (10 foot) tidal swell, its rough, and very rocky. There is a salt water pool, but I never took advantage of it. There is a sheltered area behind a breakwater you can swim in at high tide, but it drains to nothing when the tide goes out. The beach club option, a 20 minute bus ride away was nice, a very wide and long sand beach however the local lifeguard advised against getting in too deep as the riptide is ferocious. They had lost a tourist the week before we were there (April 08) as he ignored the warnings, went out quite a way and got into trouble. By the time they could get out to him, he was lost at sea.
    There are full facilities at the beach club, light lunch BBQ chicken and pork, with full bar service. A nice way to spend the day.

Bottom line, we enjoyed El Salvador, great scenery, friendly folks and a very nice property. We took 2 excursions, the arts & crafts (4 villages on market day was quite interesting - learn some Spanish!) and the Mayan Route the El Salvador version 3 or 4 sites each a little different. Both good value for the cost.

Would we go back? No, simply because from Toronto, its a 5 hour flight, and a 2 hour transfer to the resort so your 7 day holiday really becomes 5 days with the travel in and out.

Personally, if beach is important to you, Cuba would be a better bet (trusting of course you’re not from the USA.) Nightlife? Varadero might fit the bill, although personally prefer the Holguin/ Guardalavaca area for the great beaches and the slower pace.

thanks for the info Mac, it was a big help.

The lack of nightlife isnt the end of the world - we just wouldnt want to end up being “that group” that everyone encounters when away…

being that everyone has been there, done that, in the Dominican, Cancun/Mayan, and Cuban areas we are all looking for something a little different. Sounds like we may have found the spot.

We will flying out of T.O as well, so the flight/transfer time is a bit of a drag.

Thanks again

MacPete- These two comments are what make this resort, unfortunately, not suitable for us. I have seen the photos of the beach at low tide, and it is a real eyesore! It is quite depressing to look at. As we are beach people, it would kill me to spend my holiday at a resort where I wouldn’t even want to look at, or venture into, the ocean. :-/ It’s a shame because there is more about the place that does appeal to me… The loss of the two days due to transportation is also a bummer. One would have to go for ten days or two weeks to get your full vacation’s worth of enjoyment out of the holiday.

at low tide…we look at it as another type of scenary then the usual beach/ocean view… we will use that time to walk and explore… You get pools of water that different smaller fish get trapped in… shells… all sorts of hidden treasures to check out…

Loosing the day in and out… was one of the reasons we decided to go for 2 weeks… bonus !!..

enjoy your vacation… where ever you decide to go… !!

Just came back monday… beautiful resort and great staff… really enjoyed ourselves.

We did 5 excursions: Cascades, Izalco volcano, San Salvador and Coatepique lake, Guatemala, and the Arts and crafts…

By the way… of course it’s our point of view… the way the beach is at low tide just makes the scenery different and a new way to look at the ocean… enjoyed that greatly also.

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