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Thomas cook.are they now booking with canjet


What a nite mare flew out of Hamilton April 6 …with one other couple try booking seat together. But they didn’t have any not 4—not even two together …so we were mixed though out the plane …so lets forget that …great holiday…back to the airport …coming home… No seat together again for all 4 of us …they had VIP on the right side of the plane …I would say 12 row (red patches on the seats all D&E so F seat were open window only …and some passengers booked B&C seat. Only leaving windows seats open (A)
Come on Can-jet get your act together …I know that 12 of the people that booked VIP would have loved to get two rows of 6 seats but they don’t get pick. They said …as for that picture taken girl at the airport. Biggest line up at the airport I’ve ever seen 12 times being there asked her to forget the picture please wasted of money. But she still had to take it but I refuse to smile and she was get mad


Sounds like a nightmare for sure…although it seems most airlines are going the way of not putting people together unless you pay for seat selection.

That being said, I had a terrible experience with Thomas Cook last year, they just stopped flying to where I had booked and offered no alternative.

So I stay away from them as much as I can to say the least.