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Thomson UK = Good guys!


Yet again Thomson UK have allowed my request for extra baggage 20kg to enable me to take ‘stuff’ for the Dominican ‘Kids’. Thanks Dot and BTB for the letter you gave me which I sent to Thomson that has enabled them to make this generous gesture.

Think I may need an elephant to help me carry it all, 20kg of my own, 5 kg hand luggage, 10kg extra paid for and 20kg charity allowance = 55kgs of back pain etc but it’s worth every twinge!! I just wish I could magic it all from my home to the plane and miss out the taxi, train ride, train change, airport and check in!!! Never mind, as I already said it is worth it.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Excellent news… Now, you just have to build up your muscles to haul it … don’t envy you!!!

One suggestion - here in Canada we have duffel bags with wheels on them - they don’t weigh much so, you don’t lose much of your excess baggage allowance. That will make it easier to pull as well.

Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Don & Olivia


I normally use two suitcases on wheels with 15kg in each and then a rucksack on my back with 20kg and a shoulderbag/handbag with the 5kg for hand luggage. Not too bad, only a struugle swapping trains halfway!(on the return trip the rucksack get squashed into one of the suitcases ;D)

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Two and a bit weeks and I’m there!!!

Looking forward to seeing Don and Olivia next year, is it just the two of you or is Captain and Nenita coming as well?


AND AGAIN!!! got to love Thomson they have again allowed me an extra 20kg on top of the usual 20+5 and the 10 extra paid for, 55 kg in total, who needs the gym when you do this kind of weight moving twice a year!!! Many thanks Olivia (DOT) for the letter you sent me, which I sent to Thomson to confirm my need for extra allowance.

Cheers and see you very soon xx :-*


Thanks to you, Amandalou!! (even better, it rhymes LOL)