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Has any body flown to D R with thomsons, are there screens on the back of every seat like first choice.Just a little worried as with 2 kids 4 and 6 want to keep them entertained for 9 hrs.



Hate to say this squibbo but Thomsons was not our best experience of flying to DR - there are no seat back screens unless you upgrade which is quite expensive. There are screens suspended from the ceiling up and down the plane and the seating is not like first choice (2-3-2) but (2-4-2) so its quite cramped, saying that the food is not too bad for airline food and they do usually show quite up to date films. So hopefully it won’t be too stressful for you.

Good luck


I agree with poppy. Same experience.


If you phone in advance you can book hand held DVD Players for the children and always take a few dvd’s in your hand luggage!


Yes flew with Thompson’s in April and they just have the in ceiling TV’s so you all watch the same thing. I much prefer Thomas Cook as they give you individual TV’s in the back of the seat in front with a wide choice of viewing so you watch what you want to.

Sorry to be the next bringer of bad news, let us know how you got on.

Cheers Amanda :-*


Hi we just got back 9 hours ago from Punta Cana, flew with Thomsons. We went out Premium, as my husbands a big guy, we usually upgrade for the extra space! We could only book the premium one way as there weren’t 2 seats going back. Firstly, I don’t think we’d ever travel with Thomsons again, even in premium there was very little space, and coming back was ridiculously cramped! Secondly, you do get screens on the seat with hand held remote controls in premium, but only get same film choice (2 during the flight, and out of the 2 films there and 2 films back, Madagascar was the only one to suit children the ages of yours!) The only advantage was we had 10kg extra luggage allowance, which was handy on the way back…they are very strict on the way back about weight allowance!
But our holiday at Sunscape the Beach PC was fantastic, would recommend hotel to anyone!
Have a good holiday!


I have flown out twice to the DR with my kids who were 6 and 4 at the time. The kids found it really hard to even see the tv’s in the aisle. I have never heard that you can reserve the DVD players but I did go last year so things might have changed. The best advice I could give you was in you are able to is to buy a DVD player for them. I found it very handy while we were there as well when we were trying to get ready to put one on for them. Just a little word of warning as well my kids hates the meals on the plane so I made sure that i took them some sandwiches which kept them going. I hope you have a great time my kids loved the DR and everyone at the resorts I have been too loved the kids.