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Three party beaches in the Riviera Maya

Yesterday I posted some information about calm and serene beaches, but not everyone goes to the beach just to lie down and tan the skin. Partying at the beach is really fun. Here are some places you can go if you plan to party in the Riviera Maya.

First of all, beach partying in the Mexican Caribbean is far more exciting than to party just in average place. However, you need to know something to make the right choice. The best beaches are in Playa del Carmen and the best beach nightlife is in Cancun. You can find great nightlife in Playa del Carmen downtown, but not so much beach clubs as in Cancun.

So! I’ll go from North to South:

Cancun: There is a great beach club called Mandala, where I bet you meet new people in less than an hour. Contrary to what I was saying, Mandala has a great beach. I think that one of the best beaches in Cancun. The tide can get a bit high, but that is a lot of fun. You can spend the whole day and night in Mandala. During the day, you can swim in the sea, relax in their really confortable sunbeds (they’re so confortable!), have a cold drink, and hang out at the pool. When the night falls, the breeze and the music create an incredible environment. If you want to party in Cancun, that is the right place. By the way, Mandala is located in Cancun’s hotel zone.

Playa del Carmen: Mamitas Beach Club. This is a great place to swim in an amusing beach, to have a drink, eat (the restaurant is very good, by the way) and relax before the night comes. This is a very young beach. A lot of young adults come here to meet new people and then hit the road to Playa del Carmen downtown when the night arrives. If you go to Mamitas, you’ll surely fin good music, good food and young people ready to party after the sunset.

Tulum: I found this place by accident, even though it is well known. I was hitchhiking toward Tulum and I ended up in the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve (one of the most amazing places I’ve seen, but I’ll write about biosphere reserves in another article). Before throwing my tent in the beach, I decided to check out the road number 15. When I was going in the car towards Sian Ka’an, I could notice a lot of hotels, hostels and bars all along the road 15. I think the beach here is much more beautiful than in Cancun or Playa because it is more natural and there is not as much people than in the first two. However, those are very cozy bars where you can go with friends or just by yourself (you’ll meet someone for sure) to listen good music, drink a glass of wine, enjoy the breeze, and have a nice and memorable chat. It is a more relaxed place, but nightlife is undoubtedly amazing.

Well, party on!

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Thank you @pablo for writing about where people should party if they like to party on the beach. So I guess people can stay late at night? Is there price to pay to enter or its available for everyone for free?

Here are some photos of of the beach in Playa del Camen:

Yes, people can stay late night. However it is recommendable to check the schedule first. You have to pay for those that are clubs. Unfortunately in the tulum area there not a lot of public beaches so you just need to sneak into a hostel o hotel or just find a nice bar or restaurant.

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