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Thrift Shop Clothing - Cuba?

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Just like capitalist business all over the world. “If you want to dominate your market you must eliminate the competition”

G.M. and Ford are still alive ???

Our Tax Dollars at work!

The corporations may still be alive but many workers from GM and Ford have been displaced. I worked for Ford for 26 years and they shut down my factory. I often go to thrift stores for items and I see many people I use to work with there as well. Thrift stores are great in any Country so people can afford to buy new/used clothes and it keeps items out of our land fill.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Ford did not receive any bail outs from the Government and that was the nail in the coffin for St. Thomas Assembly Plant. GM and Chrysler did take our tax dollars and that is what saved them. If you received a bail out then you had to promise to keep the factories open in Canada and not layoff any more workers.

In Canada we have consignment shops/stores. This would be a good business for someone in Cuba to open. The split is usually 50/50 for the owner and for the consigner. People bring in clothing or hard good items they no longer want and someone else can buy the items.

I am ready to help anyone that wants to open a private thrift shop in Cuba. We are a family of 5 and I am sure we could get enough clothes down to Cuba on one trip to open a store for someone.

The government may not want anything to do with thrift stores in Cuba but after reading the article it sounds like there is a need and want for these kind of stores.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

When I first visited Cuba in 1993 many of my fellow visitors were from the auto industry. Ontario is now a " Have Not Province " and there will be some vrery bad news after the election - Si !!!

I would agree that Ontario is now a “Have not province” It looks like we will only have a service sector industry and work for minimum wage. I often wonder if China is hiring as the dollar stores always seem to be busy and I am in need of a job.

I for one will be out to the polls to vote and am quite worried about what will happen to Ontario after the election. I am a worker and not a owner so I really do not see anything good happening for the workers of this Province.

Now that I have lost my good paying job I have had to cut back on my trips to Cuba so I can pay my rising tax bills, food prices, hydro etc… Ford pulled out of my area so now the home owners have to pick up the slack and my taxes will be going up by 45%.

I will be lucky if I can make it to Cuba once a year now and that is sad for me!

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Yeah, I agree FreedomRyder. Our expenses far outpace our income and property taxes have sky rocketed. I fear that our next generation is sentenced to poverty and need while working at minimum wage jobs. Certainly won’t be able to afford a home unless the family bank (Mom, Dad, Grammas & Grampas)kick in. But in seems a large majority of Ontario’s population is in the same boat. I have already voted in an advance poll and it was jam packed with voters. Start saving your spare change (that seems to useless in stores anyway) and sock it away for a Cuban trip. Everyone should be able to treat themselves once a year. Good luck with the job hunt; I hope you have a good network of contacts to let you know when they hear that something is likely to come up at their companies.