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! Thrift Shop Sales - Halloween Candy!

In my area of V.I. the public service thrift shops have month end sales of up to 50 % off. Cubans love candy / chocolate and by the weekend there will be some great sales on Halloween treats !

I’m not certain that I understand what are public service thrift shops on Vancouver Island – is that like Value Village? I do urge people to be cautious in what they are purchasing. Recently, there was a recall of chocolate candy made in China (with the ‘tainted’ milk product) and sold in some dollar stores across Canada … I wonder how many of them have been brought to Cuba as gifts. Dollar stores are great places to stock up on some things, but … quality control is an issue with some products. Not to insinuate that everything made in Canada is safe!

If you are going to buy candy on sale, best bets are Chupa Chups or Tootsie Rolls lollipops, as they don’t melt and of course M & M’s “melt in your mouth, not in your hand”, or things like gum, toffees. WORST thing? Aero bars. Airholes and chocolate in the heat = goo. Please ask the parent or guardian if you may give candy to their child, the same way you would in Canada. Also check that it is peanut free or not processed with peanuts, because nobody needs anaphylactic shock with their candy.

Smarties / chips are good.

Thrift shop or not, if you have halloween chocolates to give out, keep all the smarties and give out the rest. We always buy too much and have lots left over, so why not have the smarties left over to take with you. (unless my kids eat them first lol)

Public servce thrift shops my area - Salvation Army - SPCA - Food Bank - Hospital aux.

I like this idea … If I can hide the candy away from my hubby it will work. I often get the boxed chocolates at the after Christmas sales. I never thought of the after Halloween sales.
Thanks for this idea.