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Ticked off at Ocean Blue

I e-mailed Ocean Blue a month ago requesting our 2 rooms be close together. Our kids are 15 and 16.

We get here and they have us in seperate villa’s. I was told too bad, thats all they had. I complained to someone else at the front desk and said it was unacceptable and was told they would make it right. …Well they made it right all right.

We are in villa 4. Our kids are way accross the coridor so DH and I will have to spend our nights apart sharing rooms with them for safety reasons…I can live with that, but our room is in bad shape. DH was in the shower and went to lift the hand sprayer and the whole unit fell off in his hand. The sliding doors don’t close all the way and stay open about 2 inches.The room looks pretty tired and the tub is stained and dirty. The safe does not work well at all. Good grief. They have sent maintenance to look at the shower and doors so we will see…Almost $9,000.00 for this place and it is a dive.

I went and found the Air Transat rep and she said she would do what she could but “it’s not looking too good for us”. This resort is gorgeous, food is excellent but I have to say the accomodations are certainly not up to standards by any means.

I am extremely disappointed with this resort. :-[ It’s too bad I had high hopes for this place.

So sorry to hear Cathy. Hope all works out for you. That was actually our 3rd choice…be tough kiddo!!! ::slight_smile:

Hi Cathy - I am concerned to know whether there is anything about the resort itself that makes you feel uncomfortable about leaving your teenagers in their own room by themselves. This will be our first time in DR and our kids (14) have been staying in their own room (same floor) on vacation since they were 12 with no problems – it really never crossed my mind that maybe the resort or the country might not be safe enough to do that. Eeek!

I really hope things work out for you.

Sorry to hear that things got off to such a bad start, Cathy.

We’ve never had problems of that nature that weren’t promptly resolved by the reception staff and maintenance.

How was the weather today? :sunglasses:

Oh geez that’s not good to hear at all. I’m heading to this resort on Friday and was hoping I picked a good resort. I’ve been to the DR probably 20 times but my fiance has never been (although he has been to Mexico). I hope you still have a good vacation despite the inconvenience of your rooms being apart.

I would not be comfortable myself not having my children (if they were those ages) in a room not right next door to me. I must be paranoid or something but guess I just hear 1 too many stories of “work staff” coming in the rooms unannounced … for maintenance, towels??? Who doesn’t knock first or announce they are coming in?? Kinda spooky for me. Thank god my kids are now 20 yrs +.

Well if you want to take a chance and be on Oprah, saying your child was missing, then let your kids live down the hall alone, but I sure wouldn’t, and that is not only in the DR, I wouldn’t leave them down the hall even if it was a hotel in my home town. Hello??? Why take the chance ever.

Thanks Maritimegirl for saying “not even in our home town” as I meant to put that but forgot.

Cathy. I’ve been anxious for you to get there to see if you would get your adjoining rooms cause that is what I need on march 29th. We’ve been there twice already and had nothing but good luck. Now I’m thinking we probably don’t have a hope for those adjoining rooms. I sure hope you get another room - stay on their case.

almost $9000 for four people? I hope thats for two weeks…or is Ocean Blue considered a top of the line 5 star?

Yes, Cathy is there for two weeks. :sunglasses:

So sorry to hear about the room situation Cathy2004, when we were there last year we had a great time, I would consider adjoining rooms if I could be sure to get them at a resort but I read over and over how it doesn;t happen on arrival, we like soccermom are planning on Sirenis Tropicale but not until December, I like the idea of the seperate living room yet the cost isn;t out of this world, hope you enjoy the rest of the vacation at Ocean Blue

$9000 (£6300) - 14 nights, 2 Adults and two kids ?

Must be one hell of a place ?

We paid $6700 for 1 week, different resort…2 adults, 2 teenagers but here in Canada, they pay adult price after certain age…so I think Cathy got a pretty good deal!! Our spring break so prices were a bit higher…but that is what you do so your kids don’t miss school and soccer commitments! :-/

I have always considered my kids staying in their own room at a resort with security to be a pretty low-risk activity in the grand scheme of things…they go to school every day where someone could walk in and shoot them…they get on the city bus with strangers who could abduct them…next year they will be driving cars and could get hit by a drunk driver…they go to camp where the counsellor might molest them…you get the picture.

I do not want to be a fearful person or to raise fearful kids. If there is a real risk to them, that’s one thing. If it’s just a case of the “what if’s”, it’s quite another. And I am sorry that Cathy is in a place where she is fearful for her children’s safety - that is an awful feeling.

Geeeze Cathy…That SUCKS!!!
Hope you get to enjoy your holiday though…Here’s wishing you mucho sol y warm weather.

Joe & Karen

Cathy that is just not acceptable, I would be getting in touch with my TA & make sure they know how upset I am. We would have done the same thing as you myself & DH would have spent our nights apart.

Soccermom, I don’t understand why Maritimegirl and myself got centered out regarding our comments but wanted to clarify that having “adjoining rooms” IS acceptable to me but “separate villas” which they were first given followed by a move to having them “way across the corridor” is not adjoining as you referred to nor acceptable to me. Unfortunately that “us” time you referred to …they were not getting because of this problem. I’m assuming you didn’t mean the comment “our beautiful daughter is 15 and will have the living room to herself while we our in bedroom…should I be worried about that?” to be as sarcastic as I took it. Having said that, I hope your beautiful daughter has a wonderful holiday and not give you anything to worry about. My beautiful daughter is 20 and my goodness I still worry, but I know I’m not alone in those feelings. After being in Mexico surrounded by College drunks and seeing and hearing what goes on I’m very comfortable being a “protective parent”. One last thing, let me tell you that a group of 4 Senior students (male) called my husband and I over to “shake our hands and congratulate us on taking such good care and watchfull eye over our daughter and her friend”. That was a wonderful feeling and proves to me that we’re doing the right thing. Happy travels everyone, and I believe in using our Travel Reps at times that we are truly not comfortable about a situation and demand a change. You don’t have to be rude in doing so, just show your concerns.

Sunseeker, I apologize :-[ I misread your response originally. I thought you said you would not even let your kids stay in an adjoining room. I deleted my post and will read more clearly…it is scary in this day and age we are so worried about our children, no matter what we do or where we go…I worry constantly!. anyways, sorry, and I guess the main thing is that Cathy and her family have an awesome time and are safe!!!

No problem, soccermom, I know we all love our children and have different experiences in life that make us who and what we are and how we parent. Safe travels everyone and please share the love with the Dominican children, they are all so beautiful.