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Ticket pick up at airport question


Hi eveyone;
Happy New Year

I am alittle nervous as I was told by James @itravel that we are to pick up our tickets at the airport on Feb 2(depature date), also he told us not to worry about confirming our seats… Has anyone have any thoughts on this to ease my stress :o :o



I’m kind of surprised that they are still doing this in these days of e-tickets. But we’ve done this many times in the past with no issues. Your tickets should be waiting for you at your tour company’s booth (Sunquest, Signature, AT …)


Like Bob said , the only thing i found was the one time we had to do this,they were very slow, and the line was long, ive never had eticket yet, Bob how do you know if you are being issued a eticket or a regular ticket, does your TA notify you of that???


It seems to depend on the tour company. We booked two trips, both with Sell Off Vacations. For the Sunquest package, they emailed me the eDocumentation and I printed it off on my own printer. For the Signature package, they snail mailed the eDocumentation.
In either case, you have a confirmation number. I would try to access the documentation on the suppliers site just in case. If there’s any hitch, that’s why the tour company has reps at the airport. They can sort it out in short order. You are in the computer and all you need is the paper …


I booked 2wks ago with itravel using Sunquest and received my e-docs the other day


We always book last minute, so we have to pick up the tickets at the counter. We have found that getting to the desk at least half an hour before it opens will ensure you are the first in line (the line-up gets really long). You’ll have your tickets and off you go to get your luggage on the plane.


You should look into this!!!
We booked with itravel2000 also…they are e-ticketing all of their tickets.
I checked with them and the rep you have may not know this as of yet. We recieved our last week and we are flying out thursday!
Have a good trip!


We always book on line and pick up our tickets at the airport. We are emailed our confirmation with all of the flight details, which is printed off and that we take with us to the airport. So far we have not had any problems.


WE leave on the 31st for PC thru AT Vacations and just received our e-tickets & hotel voucher today from Your Travel Tickets…