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Ticket Price To Dominican Republic


I getting married in August and the most important people are going to be there like my parents, my fiance parents, our siblings and close friends. However, the price of the tickets just keeps coming up with everyone else. Everyone thinks that the price should be cheaper.

There are paying $1350 each based on a standard room double occupancy from Toronto to D.R with Air Transat all inclusive at Melia Caribe Resort. I think this is a great price. My fiance and I are getting the royal service suite ofcourse which is more expensive, but worth it.

Did anyone get better prices to D.R traveling around August?


those are good prices, but if you get every body to book with a group, airtransat will give you the group rate. (do this through a travel agent) plus every 20th person is free with airtransat. are trip in april is $1147+175taxes (which is now 275), unfortunitly we only have 14 people so didn’t get the free person. airtransat considers 12 or more a group.



Thanks for posting your rates. Yeah, those are good rates. The rates that we got are similar even though the travel times are 4 months apart. I did book with a travel agent at itravel2000 and we got a group rate and a free ticket for the 21st person. We used the free ticket as an extra discount between everyone so the tickets are now $1350. We are paying 284.20 in taxes, you got taxes at 175, that’s great.

Thanks for the information.


yeah, if we booked befor june 30th 2006 we got last years tax rate or 175 but for any one that booked after that day had to pay 275 taxes.



We will soon be sending out our formal wedding invitations after sending out the save the date cards 3 months ago. However, we want to include in our invitation that our guest don’t have to bring a gift No Gifts Required. Since our guest are paying so much to attend out wedding we don’t want them to expense themselves more.

Is thereanyone a better way of saying that no gifts are required? Do you think it’s rude to included that no gifts are required for those who want to bring a gift?


This is what we put on our wedding invitations about gifts:

“No gifts or presentations please. Your presence at our wedding is your gift to us.”

Even though you include this type of a message on your wedding invitations some people will still want to give you a gift. What we did was tell our wedding party and parents that if other guests mention that they would like to give a gift, to ask them not to bring it to Punta Cana and to just bring the gift to our reception we will be having here at home.
It’s a tricky subject because you guests are already paying so much money to attend your wedding.
Hope that helps.