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Time for a lesson in Physics!

The Lesson for today, is the Rules of Physics, and how they apply to air travel.
(Bear with me as I try to make it as non-personal as possible.)

My proposal was: Instead of “luggage limits” the rules of airfare should be based on the “total weight” of the Passenger, And their luggage.

The first rule, and the easiest is total weight…

Why should the “little old lady” of 105 lbs, pay extra for 30 lbs of luggage, when the 250 lb’er gets away with his 20 lbs of luggage.?

The simplest rules of physics: Newton’s Third Law; states that “for every Action their is an EQUAL and opposite reaction”. It takes more fuel to move more weight.

If you go to a restaurant, and require 2000 calories of food per meal, to sustain your current body weight; should the grandmother who eats a salad pay the same price?

The next, based on airline priority, is wieght disribution.

If I weigh 180 lbs, and take 100 lbs of luggage, it is still less expensive for the airline than if a 250 lb passenger takes 30lb. of luggage.

Whether you like it or not, it costs More to move a Passenger of 250 lbs. from point A to Point B, than it does the equivalent amount of luggage. Want to prove it? Carry a 10 lb sack of potatoes, at shoulder height, and then carry it back at waist height.

If the load is above the centre of gravity, it’s harder to carry, than if it is below the COG … Controlled balance takes more effort (and fuel) than slung weight! Passengers on an aircraft travel Above the wing, while the luggage travels below the wing .

Okay, lets go with the discrimination arguement…

First, by no choice of my own, I am claustrophobic. When that tin can hits the ground, I want to rush for the exit. Due to this condition, I am unable to deal with a “Fat Person” intruding on my space on the plane. I bought one seat, that extends from the armrests; from the floor, and up to the ceiling. Why should I be required to give up my space, to someone who oozes out both sides of thier seat?

Obesity isn’t a matter of Choice?

I am a smoker. I “choose” to smoke, because I made a mistake when I was 16 years old, and have since become addicted, so I have a Physical dependance, on cigarettes.

98.4% of “clinically obese” patients are “obese” because they are addicted to thier eating habits (and this includes quality of foods, not just volume).

If I can’t smoke on a flight, because it effects the other passengers on a flight, then why can an 300 lb’er intrude on my seat space on a flight.

Do you have to post this article three seperate times ???

Nicolaus Copernicus said the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that wasn’t popular at the time either! But his opinion was based on Physics as well!

Thanks for taking up the challenge Gambitt :slight_smile:

I was seriously considering it myself, but I have no problem getting myself into enough trouble as it is :wink: ;D . Deletion is probably just around the corner :-X

As a scientist, I agree that your arguement is valid and sound! However, most people don’t want to accept these sound and logical arguements and go on emotion instead. That’s just the way our society deals with these prickly issues.

BTW, did you know that just last week, the court ruled that both Air Canada and Westjet MUST provide a second seat for obese passengers on all domestic flights at no extra charge. An attendant travelling with a disabled passenger is also now required to get their seat for free.

Gambitt, maybe you need to consider a quit smoking programme and start eating lots :-* At least then you’d be on the “right” side of the law!

Yup CK, I did see the arguement, and that’s what go me deleted the first time, so I went with the Mod’s suggestion and started my own topic.

I quit smoking for almost 5 months last summer. April 6th, until Sept 15, but like any addicton, it takes will power to see it through.

Foruntately, during the flight time to Cuba, I don’t have the “residual side efects” that others might infict on ther fellow passengers, due to thier addiction.

I’d disagree with you Gambitt. A smoker does have residual side effects - the smell of stale cigarettes even when you are not smoking. While my physical self may overflow a bit onto your seat and cause you some physical discomfort, your – that is a smoker’s – odour will permeate into the air near me and cause me a lot of grief.

In addition to giving obese people a second seat for free which solves that issue at least to some degree, I also think that very tall folk should get the exit row seats for free.

Here Here Westwoman! I’m a 6’ tall woman, and let me tell you it just drives me crazy that I can never seem to get the emergency exit row. I do however see many other women sitting there with taller spouses and most of them don’t have their feet touching the floor!

Lord I love going south but the seat thing almost did me in last April as it was a 4:30 am arrival I was almost going to lay out in the isle I was so cramped up. Never had it happen quite that bad before. Perhaps it was the combo of not being able to sleep. To say I was uncomfortable is an understatement.

I don’t want to be sitting next too any fatties on my long haul flight either, come to think of it, I don’t want to be sitting next to any drinkers, smokers, Indians, Chinese, Scottish, American bible bashing weirdo’s or hippies either…whats this thread about…humiliating people because they have an addiction and do not to conform to what is deemed acceptable to others ?

I’m uncomfortable with this discussion as well. Some people require special accommodation … be it due to their addictions, a disability or whatever. I’m not suggesting that it is always the most comfortable spot to be in next to someone who does have special needs. Everyone wants their own needs recognized, but nobody wants to pay for it … same as paying extra for scuba gear, etc. I think that one of the culprits is the airlines who squeeze as many of us as possible into those sardine tins, and then charge a fortune for extra baggage as well. The cost of fuel has dropped significantly over the past few months … maybe the airlines could be offering extra seat space at a reduced rate for passengers with special needs (with a medical certificate)?

There is a very simple solution to all this…half as many seats, double the luggage allowance…and twice the cost per passenger. I’m sure the airlines would be happy with this solution if we were…as it is, they are responding in the only way they can to demand for cheaper fares…so suck it up, or pay for first class! ;D Seriously, there are no easy answers. I am less than happy to have to share my space with someone who overlaps into it, but I’d prefer that than a barfing child any day. :smiley:

Perhaps part of gambitts post is to the fact that if now that extra free seat to the obese is used then that means that flights will be " sold out " while you are waiting in the airport.
Think of it. Is an obese person going to say at the time of trip purchase that they require extra seating because they are too fat to take up one seat alone ? I doubt it. Now , if we assume that they do , what is that going to do for the price of tickets when a 300 seat aircraft has only 200 people on it.
What is the weight limit going to be now that a court
( lawyers :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: ) has ruled this. Is the penchant 230 lber going to whine that a person only a little weigher than them gets a second seat ( free ) and not them ?
Smokers , you do give off " aromas " but after being herded up in an airport for 3 hours before boarding without a chance to light up , I personally have not been gagged. But I have been oozed upon as they say .
The OP was talking about weight and costs of the airline that are passed to the passengers. In that respect , you must conclude that he is right. You cannot argue against physics.

[quote=@verycoldcanadian]Perhaps part of gambitts post is to the fact that if now that extra free seat to the obese is used then that means that flights will be " sold out " while you are waiting in the airport.
Think of it. Is an obese person going to say at the time of trip purchase that they require extra seating because they are too fat to take up one seat alone ? [/quote]Logically, they should have to so state, unless they are prepared to be the one “bumped” if there are not enough seats. (of course, the flaw in this argument is the “logic” piece!) I do agree with the O.P. that the “logical” way to proceed is to weigh passenger and luggage together, but again, this is something that would need to happen before you arrive at the airport, or else who (or what) gets left behind if there is overweight? For that matter, how come you can pay to take overweight luggage? If the aircraft is at capacity, it should not be possible. (yes, I know…you pay so as to dissuade people from bringing the extra weight, and they allow for a certain amount of overage) Unfortunately in our society “logic” takes a back seat to perceived “rights”. Until this changes, people will always have a “right” to defy logic and expect that others will just have to accommodate them. Just an extension of our collective abdication of responsibility for our own actions…

First I will point out that I am an ex-smoker.

In Canada … Why should society pay for the, likely, added health care costs of those that smoke?
Smokers should pay an added premium.