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Time lines

Does anyone know the exact time lines one needs to get all the paper work in order to get married in PC? I know you have to be in the country 3 days before the wedding can take place… I have a date but I am looking at time lines and wondering if I can get the necessary paperwork in order to pull it off…What is the fastest time one can make this happen?

This is all the info from the embassy of the Dominican Republic in Canada, it tells you in the info below how long it can take for the documents to be ready and how long their valid for… what resort are you getting married at? whats your wedding date? Just curious!! Hope this info helps


In order to celebrate your wedding in the Dominican Republic the bride and groom will need the following documents:

  1. Valid Passport*
  2. Original Birth Certificate*
  3. Single Status Affidavit & Divorce Act**. (Original and notarized)
  4. Four witnesses over 18 years old
  5. Translation into Spanish of the Birth Certificate, Single Status Affidavit and/or Divorce Act. In order to avoid serious legal mistakes, we highly recommend to make them translated by this Embassy or by a certified English-Spanish translator.
  6. Legalization of the Single Status Affidavit and Divorce Act by the Consular Section of this Embassy.
  7. If you are able to sign your Single Status Affidavit & Divorce Act in front of a Dominican Consular representative (at this Embassy or your nearby Dominican Consulate General), you do not need to have them notarized. Please book for an appointment in advance by calling Glenis Guzman ext.232 (gguzman@drembassy.org) or Maria Leyba (mleyba@drembassy.org) ext.229.

Fees (USD)
The cost to translate a document is 40$ per document
The cost to legalize a document is 100$ per document

This fee is related to:

40$ x 4 to translate both Birth Certificates and two Single Status Affidavit = 160$. 100$ x 2 to legalize two Single Status Affidavit = 200$. If you have not been married before, the total amount is 360 $USD.

On the other hand, if one of you is divorced, the person concerned should pay an additional 100$ in order to legalize the Divorce Certificate and 40$ for its translation into Spanish. Therefore, an extra 140$ for each divorced candidate.

  • For legalization purposes at this Embassy, a photocopy of your passport and Birth Certificate will suffice. The latter does not need to have your parent’s name on it. However, you must bring all your documents to the Dominican Republic, including those already legalized with us and the originals.

** Translated into Spanish and legalized by this Embassy.


Please take into account that once your documents are legalized by this Embassy or a Dominican Consulate, they will be valid for three (3) consecutive months from the legalization date. A divorced bride cannot get married until 10 months have passed after the divorce is official, unless her intended husband is the same person she has divorced. If this is your case, please keep in touch with us as there may be new legal changes on this matter.

It could take five (5) business days for the documents to be ready.

You should send your documents to:

Consular Section of the Dominican Republic Embassy
130 Albert St. suite 418
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G4

You need to send us a pre-paid envelope to return back your documents. Payment must be done by certified cheque or money order in US funds.


  Countries that do not require entry documents

  Countries that require Visa or Tourist Card

  International Agreements

  Required Entry Documents 



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Thanks… we are going to the Eden… have less then 8 weeks before we leave!!