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Time Share

:(Whats the best youve ever said to telll a time share guy to %%%% off?

fist telling nose:
%#@$$%^# outa here
happy holidays

Oh! I am so happy to run into you, I was looking for someone that could sell my time share.

We actually sat through one of the meetings our first trip to Fun Royale (rainy day); when they got to the end and they realized we really meant no they got quite upset and would not give us our “free” gifts; hubby and the gentleman got into a heated discussion in front of a couple who were just about to sign their paperwork for a new timeshare…they left without signing when they heard the word “rip off”! After a few more turned heads from prospective customers and people starting to leave their chairs they quickly threw a small bottle of rum and a chipped statue at him and told us to leave.

Met the timeshare man the next day at the mall in Playa Dorada (he was now selling excursions); he laughed when he saw us and ran to shake our hands. From then on we never had another problem with the timeshare people for the duration of our trip.

BTW, travelchick2007’s line works; friends of ours who were with us on our second trip to FR used the same line!