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Tipping and service

First let me say that I am a forumaholic and I have spent hours scouring these pages - so thank you everyone for supplying my addiction ;D

Next Friday a friend and I leave for Punta Cana and are staying at the Riu Palace Punta Cana. I have read mixed reviews, but believe we will have a great time. The beach alone will be amazing and the fact that we have no husbands or kids needing anything will make it a paradise!

Now here’s the question. We are planning on bringing small bills for tipping because we know a $ goes a lot farther there then it does at home. The last 2 reviews on TripAdvisor have been rotten and said that service is awful unless you tip. I’m thinking we shouldn’t have that problem based on how we are approaching things. I find that the reviews are either 5 star or 1 star. Pretty extreme.

Is it your experience that those who tip, “try” to speak Spanish and treat the people there as they want to be treated tend to have better reviews and a better time than those who feel no need to tip or “try” to speak Spanish etc. Just wondering, that seems to be my take and I hope that’s the case.

IMHO, yes. ;D

When you consider what we tip here in Canada for service why would you not there? I know it is “included” but I like to tip a little when I am treated well. We also try to speak a little Spanish. It’s fun.
Go, have fun and treat the staff the way you hope to be treated.

Smiling Cat, I’m sure you always trot out your absolute best manners when you travel but many people don’t. Treating people, those working at the resort and other guests, with dignity and respect always ensures a good holiday. I’m always amazed at the number of people who seem to leave their manners at home.

right escapewinter,
many do or may not have such at home neither, ha ha(manners).
i do never tip ahead of service, doesn’t matter i am here on the Isle or travelling the US or Europe, i tip after service been provided, and than more satisfied i’ve been with the service than better i tip.
the behavior of some people to smash some small $1 bills on a bar to get their drink served before the person who ordered first, that’s what i call bad manners, people without style.
happy Valentine’s weekend

I’m glad what I thought was confirmed. I have never been anywhere like this so it’s a whole new experience. I tend to be a glass is full kind of gal so I expect I’ll have an amazing time. And I agree with you Mike. I’m not of the “class” that slips anyone anything for something special. But I am not shy about tipping good service. I paid my way through college with tips. And I am thankful for all the people who are doing service work to make a living.

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it!

Last February I witnessed the most disgusting display of tipping that I have seen anywhere. A young guest who must have thought he was pretty “special” called over a bar waiter who cruised the pool area offering drinks to guests at the resort. The young guest then took a large denomination bill (I couldn’t tell what the amount was) and tore it in half. He then presented the bartender with half the bill and told him that if he provided excellent service throughout his stay he would get the other half of the bill. The bartender was giddy with the prospect of getting the other half. I never heard the rest of the story…but I hope, at least, the waiter got the rest of that bill.

That is disgusting. Whoever was with this guest, should be totally ashamed to be around this person.
The resort we visited last year had one day where they had Cruise ship visitors, they were horrible. The waiters and workers were doing everything they possibly could for these guests and they were not even offering a thank you let alone a tip. One of the workers spoke to us and said that it was always like this with the guests of the Cruise ship. Anyway, people watching is sometimes fun however at the same time can be very frustrating…

Sunseeker, I am ashamed to say the young man was from Ottawa; he was with a group with a similar lack of class. You know the type: young, brash, lots of gold chains, on the make… We happen to travel with them on our flight home. Had to chuckle when we went through customs though; he and his buddies had to take a left turn for more careful inspection while the majority of folks sailed through. Hehehehehehehe!

You know, I have never understood this ‘confusion’ about tipping in the DR. Yes, its an all inclusive resort…but your suppose to tip for good service and also to help the locals out.

Think about it, just because its all inclusive shouldn’t matter… If you were back home, and your best friend took you to dinner and they picked up the bill for the whole dinner, (same as all inclusive) you probably wouldn’t think twice about leaving the waitress a tip would you even though you never paid a cent for the meal.

Alot of these people basically live off the tips and gifts that we leave them…

Sorry if this sounds like venting, but I cannot understand what the problem is with tipping in an all inclusive resort compared to a non all-inclusive resort.

I have a hard time understanding why tipping always seems to be a question. If you feel like tipping everyone you see every time you see them please do so. It will not necessarilly correspond with the way you are treated.

What the Dominican people want more than anything is to be treated with respect and dignity. There are so many tourists that treat them like substandard humans it makes me sick. I have spoken up several times with people being rude or condescending at a resort. One time at a buffet I chastized a certain rude tourist at a buffet dinner and I actual got an applause from several folks in the area.

One of the best things we can all do is to be good tourists and just don’t sit by and allow others to abuse people. I have had the opportunity to really umderstand the way a Dominican percieves the world and it is so much different from our way of thinking and reacting. A tip may very well be appreciated but it will not change that persons attitude any particular day.

To that piece of garbage that tore apart the bill, “take your Mr. T starter set (gold jewelry that probably will be turning green shortly) and keep it with you in Ottawa until you can learn to respect your betters”.

This guy is lucky I wasn’t his waiter. He would of gotten the worst service I could of possibly of given him, if not totally ignore the person… and to top it off… he wouldn’t of gotten his half of the bill back either LOL

A torn $ 20.00 dollar bill with serial # on it is worth $10.00 in any bank.Whats wrong with a 10 dollar tip. They proabably didn’t know.

Like to know which bank you deal with… unless you turn in both halves with matching serials, you dont get NADA I owned a store for a number of years…trust me, I got my fair share of torn bills…

I really don’t see the problem with tipping…I will give a local server at a restaurant a 15 or 20 % tip (almost required) for questionable service. I get better service in the DR and have no reservations about tipping. I don’t think it is condescending at home and therefore not condescending in the DR to tip for excellent service. They are in the “service industry” like at home and I would expect that tipping is a part of this industry as it is at home. If I thought I was “offending” someone’s dignity then I would certainly refrain, but I feel it is well warranted for the service received.

tip as you feel is right…and I would have shredded that half of the Large bill…thats just plain ignorance and rude.

As someone who works in the service industry, I would have taken my half of the bill, torn it in half and returned the 1/4 bill to my customer and told him/her that we would “settle up” if they should turn out to be a “good customer”.

Turn about is fair play sometimes.
Storm :sunglasses:

Mikefisher, I agree that brash and open tipping such as slapping the money on the bar shows bad manners. When we tip we do so discretely with a handshake and a warm smile. Treating people with dignity gets their respect.

tip as you feel , sometimes we tip people in the buffet who we know never get tips , like the young girls that set up the tables , the smile and the happiness is well worth it , I guess we favor the guys at the water sports shack too , as tourist are so rude and demanding to these guys.We like to go out of our way to bring lots of gifts for these guys , we do not require much service from this area , but we have lots of fun with them. this year we had the pleasure of being invited to dinner at his place . It was quite an experience . To those out there that don’t appreciate the demands on the Dominican lifestyle .shame on you ! dig a little deeper and open your hearts to their hardships.

I just recently returned from Sosua and this is my experience with tipping. We gave tips after service was provided as a thank you. We watched as others tipped first and recieved a better and faster quality service. We could not fault the Dominican workers for this as they thought that they should give a better than normal service in thanks to the tip. With us they did not know they would receive anything if they went above and beyond normal service so basically it comes down to this…if you want to show appreciation to a worker then tip them after, they do appreciate it and thank you…if you want better than normal service, tip upfront.