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Tipping - Help

Does anyone know if and how much you would tip. We are having our ceremony and reception aboard La Barcaza. Do you tip everyone or just the wedding co-ordinator?

I tip based on service provided. We absolutely tipped La Barcaza because the service was phenomenal! I’m pretty sure a lot of our guests probably tipped the bartenders on La Barcaza as well but that was their own choice. At the resort we tipped waiters/waitresses, maids, WC and our butlers.

On board La Barcaza do you tip Flori and she shares with the others or do you tip the bartender, the server, the cook etc?
I know who and how much to tip at the resorts but would like to know about a wedding on the boat…

We gave the tip to the man in charge on the night of our wedding reception on La Barcaza, who at that time was Chris…I’m not sure if he’s still with La Barcaza or not. I’m not sure if that’s right or wrong but that’s what we did. Flori was not present on the night of our wedding (she had prior engagements). If she had been present we would have just probably gave it to her. The only time I seen Flori was a day or two before our reception when she came to the resort to make final arrangements and collect our money.

I am getting married at the Dreams and we plan on tipping the wedding coordinator. Typically how much do you tip?