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Tipping the maids in DR

We were in DR a few years back and it was suggested to leave the maids a gift bag each day with assorted toiletries, kids toys, pantyhose etc. We’re going again in March and I would like to know if this practice is this still appropriate or is cash a better idea?

That’s what we are doing and also $.
Have a great trip

We always leave cash. That way, they can do with it what they want. Plus, now you have to be very careful of the weight of your luggage. The airlines are now charging $20 a kilo over.
Also, we tip every day, that way if a new maid comes, no one gets left out.

I personally think cash is better…you can’t pay rent with body lotion. I would imagine they are appreciative of gifts but money goes further.

How much do you tip each day?

we would tip everyday or 2 $5 US. You may get a change in staff during the week this way the all get tipped.

Thanks for your input everyone. I was once told that the price of toiletires etc. is very high so if you leave those items, it is more beneficial. They can use the items or trade them for items that they need. Any comments?

Not sure about trading in items? I have made a number trips to the Dominican Republic and used to bring alot of “stuff” for the staff but have learned that cash really is the best. Rather than spend money at home on gifts that may or may not be needed/wanted, I bring money and give that as tips. I would say gifts are still OK but would supplement with cash as well.

I think I’ll go with the cash then; it’s much easier to pack! Thank you all for the info.