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Do most people tip in US funds or DR funds? JJ

Either way, doesn’t matter. But, do not tip with any US coins because they are absolutely worthless in the D.R.

I don’t think it would really matter; as long as it’s not of such a small amount to be an insult?
Although I did try and give this one person a $10 Canadian note and he turned his nose up at it; it was the smallest bill I had at the time. I felt bad at first but then thought; snooze you loose, any bank would have exchanged it.
If I would have had small US notes; I would have only given him five bucks or a couple of ones. I guess it’s like a lot of people have said here, on the board; US is king in the DR or at the least; the people providing the service can easily recognize the value of it?


I have never had anyone refuse paper Canadian money. On my last trip to the DR, we had all the American money locked in the safe and one of the guys in our group handed the waiter a Canadian fin and he gratefully accepted it. I cannot imagine anyone in the service industry insulting a tipping guest by implying it wasn’t good enough, especially when so many do not tip.

When we are going back to the airport on the return home they always ask on the bus if we would exchange Canadian tip money for American money. Some people do .

I have been approached over the years by staff wishing to exchange Canadian coin and bills for American money and usually I have no trouble in doing this…

Thanks for the replys! At an all inclusive place like I am going what do you tip in US funds for meals and bar service? I need ideas as far as how much our money is worth to them. JJ

We stayed in PC last April and was very surprised that most of the vendors and even the tour reps said that they would accept Canadian money…We took US but it didn`t really seem to matter there.

Pls just use your good judgement as you would in any location that you might go to. Most of the time, a $1-$2 USD per meal will be ok. Some people will tip staff at each meal, others wait until they leave. It’s all in what you are most comfortable with. That being said, I will say that the staff does appreciate receiving donations on a more frequent basis. Bar staff is the same. Daily is appreciated, but end of stay is acceptable as well. If you like to be greeted with a big smile and hug, tip often. If you want to maintain a low profile, tip at the end.

It’s always your call re: frequency and amount. Common sense will guide you very well.

Enjoy your Dominican experience! :slight_smile:


Arrrrrggggghhhhhh… tips are appreciated but please relax. You will get wonderful service with or without tipping. Tip when you feel you are getting service above what should normally be expected.

What many of these folks want is simply respect.

Any tip is good if the intention is good and the smile is right.
Respect is the key.

And, it’s pretty hard to go broke handing out 1USD paper all week.
If a USD is too much, buy some pesos.

Thanks for all the info, a USD is not an issue to use. Nor is the amount I decide to leave someone. Now I have a better understanding of what is going on inthat country as far as tipping is concerned. Looking forward to a great trip. JJ

If you receive good service, tip then… if you wait till the end of your stay, the individual who was so helpful might be on a day off.

We haven’t noticed that a tip gets you better service but, if we do get good service, we do tip often. We find that being respectful, learning their name and saying “Por favor” and “Gracias” goes a LONG way! Any attempt to learn their language is appreciated.

i usually bring 100 1 dollar bills for the 6 days, give them for coffee in the mornings,bartenders through the day and the maid gets a couple a day plus little bottles of all kinds of creams and lipsticks,nail polish , all the freebies you get from macy;s that i wont use. they love it’

The banks here will not accept any coins from any foreign country.

It is best tip with bills or pesos.

I have had the staff, especially the bellhops ask me to change both Canadian and U.S. coins for bills of any currency.

Many years ago I was trying to be unique so I brought down a roll of a new American dollar coin and handed them out as tips. It took me a while before I found out coins were useless there unless they are Dominican pesos. Heck, I thought I was being generous!