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To add travel insurance or not to add?$$

Ok… I am feeling pretty good now that we have been able to get the resort and package that we wanted (for less money - thanks to the input from this site)!! I do want say that VacationMart.com is the answer!!

What is the general consensus of taking the $48 per person Medical/Travel insurance?


Newcastle, Maine

Going to Breezes PP on March 19-23

Unless you have group insurance at work for medical, I would do it. I won’t even go from Canada to the US without it.


Take the insurance for sure, you never know and better safe than sorry.

We take insurance and needed it on our last vacation. Phew!

For only $48, I’d definitely take it. I had to go to the medical centre once in the Playa Dorada complex after I had gotten hit by a motorcycle just outside of the complex (be careful they drive crazy there). My bill wasn’t all that much - maybe $75 or so - but I had medical insurance and was reimbursed once I got back home and submitted the receipt. Hopefully you won’t need the insurance but better to be safe than sorry.

After many trips south I have only 1 piece of advice.

If you don’t purchase Medical Insurance–Don’t go— IMHO

If you get sick or hurt and it happens in the DR just like at home, the last thing you need to worry about is cost . I don’t think you would want to barter with the doctor about your health.

Buy it and consider it part of the over all package.

Now cancellation and luggage insurance is a whole other thing maybe you want to chance it.

The 11th commandment: [move] Thou shalt not travel without insurance.[/move] Why risk the potential of paying for your trip long after you return home???

take the insurance

I guess I have to disagree with the consensus. I have never purchased insurance in all the times I have gone. I have however, several times been to a Dominican clinic. If you get hurt, nothing too serious, get away from the resort and go to a clinic. I got cut rather badly one time and need went to the Gregorio Hernandez clinic in Purto Plata. I went to the emergency and recieved great care and 8 stitches. Total cost… 800 pesos. Approx. $24.00 US! Once home I had to go to my primary physician to have the stitches removed. First off my Dr. said they did a really good job, then he took out the stitches patted me on the back and then handed me a bill for $140.00!

Never ask to be taken to a hospital. Unlike here in the states, hospitals are bad and clinics are good.

Allow me to preface. I feel the practiced medicine in the D.R. is quite good, however, I hope I never have a heart attack or something really serious happen to me in the D.R. My Dominican wife had our baby in the D.R. February 17th. 2007. Her entire prenatal care etc. and visits to the Dr. until October 23rd. 2008. Brianna recently got a complete physical here in the states and the Dr. says she was well taken care of and very healthy.

Just as a side note. My wife had a caesarian and was in the clinic for 3 days. We also upgraded to a maternity suite so her mom could stay with her. Total cost including the clinic and the Dr. includiong meals $920.00 Here in the states my understanding is that it would have cost 12 to 14 thousand dollars.

Not saying that you would be wrong in buying the insurance but I prefer to put that money to another use.

I have international medical insurance through work however I always purchase the insurance and thankfully cause last year we had to visit the medical clinic while we were in DR. It was quick, easy and covered. You just never know so better be safe than sorry.

By all means get insurance. My wife and I purchased insurance last year and I had to make use of it. It took a few weeks after coming home to get it but the insurance paid $6500 for my stay in the Bournigal Clinic and the taxi rides for my wife to visit me.
I have to say I was treated like royalty while in the clinic. Also by the Dr. and staff at Cofresi Lifestyle resort. :smiley:

Bob on the extreme south side of Ottawa

You also need to make sure it covers the cost to get you OUT of the DR in case they cannot care for you properly. IE major bypass surgery or worse. I once watched a Discovery Channel program on just this subject. A man had a heart attack on a cruise ship. To get him to the nearest medical facility and care it was $1M. He had no travel insurance and his work insurance did not cover international travel. Even most international travel insurance throug work does not have that high of an available allowence. So if you want to risk you future for $48.00 go for it…As Dave Ramsey says …we all pay a stupid tax somewhere along the way…

We only buy the travel-Medical for Cuba so we don’t have to pay and get reimbursed later.

For DR, we use our Group Insurance Travel Coverage to cover anything not covered by Medicare and add Trip Cancellation, Accident and luggage coverage.
$90 each this year

We have insurance through our RBC Visa credit card, covers medical, cancellation and interruption, luggage etc. We just charge the trip to the card and have peace of mind. But before that we always bought the deluxe package. At the agency where I work, the travel agent begged the client to buy insurance but they refused. She had the wisdom to make them sign a waver. A few days after they left the wife had a heart attack and died. The cost for hospital and to bring her home was over $50,000.00. The insurance $148.00. You do the math. This is extreme but life happens.

If you are hemming and hawing over whether to get the extended insurance from your travel agent or not I would highly recommend that you do. It gives you piece of mind. Just reading the things others have said on here should show you it’s a good idea to do.

My father has many friends in the DR and any of them will attest to the fact that it can get really expensive really fast for medical care.

If I was you and I was still doubting whether to get it or not, get a list of what the coverage the travel agent is offering actually would cover you for. Then call up your own health insurance company/HMO and ask them what coverage you get when you are outside of the country? Do you have to pay for it up front and get re-imbersed later? Will they cover an emergency medical transportation back home for you? Do they cover re-patriation if death occurs to you or a spouse? Ask these sorts of questions and see what they tell you.

I think you’ll find in most cases you’ll be alot WISER to just simply pay the $48 per person and be done with it.


Well when I booked the trip I could not decide on the insurance (I had just posted my question here about whether to get it or not) and the number of seats were slowly dwindling on the flight I wanted (not to mention that the price had gone up $125 in 3 days!!

So, I did do some asking around prior to booking the trip and you can get medical/Vacation insurance AFTER you pay for your trip. There are search engines available for comparing different policies.

Due to the consensus of the posters here, I just purchased insurance for all of us (4 travelers) through American Express for $38 per person. It is actually a better policy than what was offered by the travel agent!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my original post!

Newcastle, Maine

Smart move… :slight_smile:

I can’t believe the people who don’t buy Insurance… :o

Trip cancellation is one thing: but Medical, I think is a must… You just never know!!..

Well said, Bigred.
Life is expensive, insurance isn’t.