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To all you regulars - using a cashpoint card


:)i assume that there is a bank in playa dorada where we can use our uk debit cards to withdraw money should we run out such as solo or electron card?

many thanks


i know they have bank machines that will accomidate canadain and american bank cards. somewhere on this site is a picture of a ATM machine and it shows all the symbols that are on your bank card and if your bank card has one of those symbol you can use it.



I have used the ATM in Playa Dorada many times and have no trouble whatsoever, there is also another small ATM to the side of the Plaza just over the road from the medical centre by the back gates of the Occidental Flamenco. I have used ATM’s in Puerto Plata and Sosua as well, again no probs. All the ATM’s have offered their services in English or Spanish so I can understand what I’m doing :smiley:

Cheers Amandalou :-*


i use the one opposite dorado club near hemmingways. its sound.