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To bring a laptop or not, to Gran Bahia Principe

Has anyone brought their laptop to this resort? Do you know anything about the wireless connections? Pay structure etc?

I wasn’t at this particular resort, but I did take my laptop last month with me and the cost was 8$ per hr, connection wasn’t bad, lost it a few times. We did use it to talk on skype to the family back home a cpl times , so was woth it for us… ours is a net book one of the mini’s and fit in the safe. weighs 2 lbs


Most resorts have computers that are available to guests if you absolutely need to get on line. Personally, I love that the fact that I can disconnect!

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:

The Bahia has computor access readily available for their guest. Pending what type of package you have, the use of their computor is free for 20 minutes a day. ( The time could vary slightly). Everything is there for you to use.
You will have a great time at the Bahia. ENJOY !!!

I’m with you Shadow - being able to get away from having to spend time on a computer is great! Last year at the PCP they had WIFI and there was this young lady (mid 20s) who spent most of her afternoons on her laptop in the lobby area. Not my idea of spending a glorious day at a beach resort. It’s nice to have access so you can check your e-mails every second day or so but if we can’t it’s no big deal either.

Yes… leave the laptop at home …and the Blackberry :slight_smile:

We were in club golden when we went last year. We had free interent in our package and it gave us plenty of opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends. I say its better to leave your laptop at home. One less thing to carry and worry about. Gives you more opportunity to enjoy the beach. Have a good trip :slight_smile:

Well I certainly like the idea of being able to disconnect… it isn’t always possible for some.

As I stated earlier we take the mini(2lbs) along. We used it to have a skype conference call between 4 of us and we checked our email several times. could also text via internet as well. Other than that it was in the safe.

We have also on other trips used the public internet rooms,sometimes golden club, but you won’t be able to do the skype thing there and it sure isn’t very private. It is very nice to be able to connect in the privacy of our room.

What a shame if people take them along and then sit in the lobby all day, yes I agree not my idea of a holiday either, but we are all different and maybe it was exactly what her idea of a good holiday is!

Also the times we have had to have the cell phone with us,it is used to text no calls and set to silent so it wont bother anyone.It isn’t fair to have your cell phone ringing and disturbing people who are able to just disconnect.

How true about the cell phone thing too! At one resort this guy spent most of his time on his cell calling all his friends back home to brag about sitting in the sun having a drink! We would always look for a spot as far away from him as possible because he was always very loud about it too.

We had a Club Diamond Room when we stayed and free internet was available to us. There is a 20 min limit but if you really need more and there is no one waiting then they will extend it.

I cannot belive that there individuals that feel the need to bring laptops on vacation with them. If you cannot switch off and embrace the local culture for at least one week then what is the point in going.
remember what you did before the days of laptops and cell phones.


In this high tech business world there are lots of business owners who must protect their interest but connecting to their business servers and watch what the peons are doing while the boss is away. I am certain they are not reading forums or just surfing the net.
Same thing happens with cell phones.

I appreciate that Wud, but i spoke to many people on my vacation who all said that previous vacations had been spoilt by taking laptops and cell phones, especially buisiness users, some of which were told to contact the office to sort issues. All of the hotels have internet access and telephone access either from the room or reception. I take my family away to enjoy our time together, not to speak to work.