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Too late to get insurance?

A friend of mine booked a trip in January and did not get travel insurance. He leaves in less that 2 weeks and it looks like he may have to get surgery - this may sound silly but is it too late for him to get medical cancellation insurance?

No get it from CAA or Blue cross up to the day of departure. I would doubt if it would allow for cancellatin but it will cover medical

Doubt if they would cover a pre-existing condition

what would CAA or Blue Cross cover - he’ll need the vacation at home ???

For the reason you put above, not a chance :-/

It would go against the whole idea of cancellation insurance :-X

and I guess it’s too late for him to get cancellation insurance. I thought you could get it up to 24 hours prior to the flight and could get a refund for illness with a doctor’s note

To my knowledge, the full or deluxe cancellation packages must be obtained within 48 hours of booking your trip.

Medical only packages can be obtained up to 48 hours before departure BUT they do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Since your friend faces surgery soon, and considering the long waiting lists for health care procedures in Canada, I’m guessing this is a pre-existing condition and therefore not covered.

You can still by medical and trip interruption insurance, up to 24 hours before you leave.

But like others said above it wouldn’t cover a pre existing medical condition, and they will check medial records, Hospital Records to get out of paying !

I’m not 100% but I think you can only purchase cancellation insurance when you purchase your Holiday, like I said before getting it after would go against the whole idea.

Once they have you booked, it’s in INK !

I think it is too late to get the insurance that would cover his current medical condition. Most trip cancellation insurance must be purchased within 24-48 hours after booking (or after paying for the trip). However, coverage excludes most pre-existing conditions unless they are stable for a set-period of time (which varies from company to company and policy to policy). Even if he were actually permitted to buy the insurance right now, he would definitely not be covered for the condition requiring surgery (now that he knows surgery might be needed).

He can certainly buy out-of country medical insurance right up until the time of his trip, but that would only cover medical emergencies in another country and once again, it would not cover any medical condition that is not stable prior to the trip.

He would just be wasting his money buying insurance right now (because he now knows that surgery is a possibility).

Really don’t understand why anyone would spend thousands of $'s on a trip and not take out the appropriate cancellation/interruption/medical insurance. We have medical through hubby’s work and our credit card but we still take the cancellation/interruption insurance.
Last January (08) I broke my ankle on the first day of our vacation in Huatulco, Mexico, had surgery in a small clinic there and we were flown home to Toronto (first class, through Houston) three days later. Thankfully, this was all covered. And yes, the insurance do check into pre-existing medical records.

I have gone south some 20 times, ALWAYS bought insuraNCE…who wouldn’t?? Last year I booked a special at a nice resort …approx $3000. 10 days before deparure…what could go wrong in 10 days ?? sooooo I let the insurance go …just this one time :slight_smile: you guessed it .couple days before we were to leave we BOTH got VERY sick…toilet…thorowing up…unbilievable sick!! there was no way we could possibly sit next to someone on a plane or travel 3 or 4 hrs…we lost ALL of money…there IS NO WAY to get insurance 3 days out.

I somehow thought the situation was minor - and would not stop the trip. - elective surgery

I’m with you on the insurance thing - but Halifax, if it was 3 days out and you can get medical 24 hours beforehand why were you stuck? A doctor’s note re: gastroenteritis would do it would it not? A few years ago my 6 year old was sick a couple of days before we left and I called the travel agent. She told me to get the medical insurance right away and make a claim if we didn’t go - turns out we went anyway (6 year olds can spring back with amazing strength!) but I was lead to believe we could have made a claim. ???

The medical insurance is meant to cover you if you get sick whilst on vacation - you would need the Cancellation insurance in order to get your money back if you couldn’t take the trip

In Ontario you don’t have to purchase cancellation insurance at the time of booking, but some of the online agencies charge quite a lot for their insurance packages. CAA or the banks are much cheaper. CAA must be purchased within 72 hours of booking, CIBC gives you 7 days. I was told when I purchased the cancellation insurance that it wouldn’t cover cancellation as a result of a pre-existing condition.

We take the TD Canada Trust Travel Insurance policy for a year’s coverage - if you travel twice a year or more it’s a really good deal

I always buy insurance when travelling however I have never really paid attention to the ins and outs…Im just wondering with cancellation insurance what reasons would be valid to cancel your trip? Is it simply medical reasons? If someone loses their job or the person they intend on staying with on vacation for some reason has to cancel would they be covered? Just curious, Ive never read the fine print or really thought about it before.

How did your friend book his trip? Did he use his credit card? If so he might have coverage through the credit card. We always use our Royal Avion card and they provide medical insurance coverage provided you used your credit card to pay for the full trip.

nsfamily…you should give your policy a little read I did once and man do you get a load of info. Loss of a job is covered, illness to the party your were going to visit, loss of home all kinds of things. If you miss your flight because you vehicle broke down on the way to the airport etc.

I remember after white Juan hit Atlantic Canada a few years back and all the people who were stranded at the airport. I took out my policy for a little light reading LOL. If you read it correctly…the airport has to be closed for 30% of your trip so for 1 week that means 2.1 days. Now even with Juan and how bad that was the airport made sure it was up and running. Those poor people lost out on 2 days of their trip. It pays to read your policy to get your information if you can decipher it.

As with most insurance…total devastation has to occur before they pay out. IMHO I have insurance with my mastercard plus 2 policy’s with our job so I think we are covered well enough. Don’t leave home without it. There have recently been deaths due to drowning down in the Dominican. Something you would not expect, insurance helps with everything.