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Top 3 Resorts

Hi Guys.

After some help and advice as to your top 3 resort destinations.
I know it’s a tough call, but I and my wife are looking to visit the island again in January. (It’s a long way off, but we can’t wait to get back).

We have visited the Dom Rep 3 times in total, firstly the Hamaca resort in Bayahibe about 8 years ago, then Sunscape The Beach 2 years ago, and most recently Edenh, (we were married at Edenh in January!). All of these resorts proved to be a great choice, but given we are going to be celebrating our first anniversary, we hoped we might be able to pick your brains and find that special place!!

As with many of the resorts, they are very close in what’s on offer. Hence we keep going back, always guaranteed a good time! But because of this, we are finding it harder and harder to beat the last visit.

What we hope to find:

Great Beach/Ocean. (Sunscape was a little disappointing in this respect due to the nature of the coast line, very strong currents etc) So south of the island seems the better choice.

Great food. We are a couple of foodies, not fussy, just like to eat VERY well. Also, a well tried and tested reservation system, or better still, none at all would be good. Edenh really suffers due to this.

Pools. Got to have great pools, I know most if not all tick this box.

Bars/Nightlife. Although Edenh offered a lovely tranquil feel, the night times were a little dull. No beach parties/beach bars, and the attempt at a disco was pretty lame.

Room facilities. By far the best room we have ever had was at Sunscape. We had a suite, with huge 4 poster bed, wet room, lounge area and best of all a large Jacuzzi tub on the balcony, Heaven!! Also good room service, (menu choice etc).

Activities. My partner likes to join in with the various daytime events. Aerobics, Dancing etc.

Not so important:

Kids. (Not yet!) So an adult’s only resort is a possibility.

Tours. We like to relax so aren’t too fussed with getting out and about.

Thank you all in advance for any thoughts/help.

Much appreciated.

Check out the Punta Cana Princess. The nightlife may not be right at the PCP but you have access to it next door at the Caribe Club.

I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of opinions on here.

I would say Majestic Colonial is very good. My suite had the 4-poster king bed and jacuzzi tub, and some of the rooms do have the jacuzzi on the balcony/patio. We never got room service but I looked at the menu and liked what I saw for choices.

Pool is nice and long! You can have a room where you can walk out from you patio to the pool.

We really enjoyed the food. We are like you in that sense. They have 4 a la cartes needing no reservations. There are 2 others you need to reserve for. Even though there are that many a la cartes, I found at the buffet there was still a huge variety.

Lots of activities at the beach and pool. We played boccia and horseshoes, you can do stetching and aerobics all at the beach. The pool had some but I don’t know, I was always at the beach.

Nightlife; they did have a beach party one night. They have a diff band that plays in the early evenings at the Plaza Bar; we danced there. Then that stops in time for their shows; which are entertaining. After that, can’t say…we were done by then. They do have a disco and casino.

Beach in front of the resort was nice. No waves there so you might like that. I like the crashing waves. Although there are some rocks in the water but you can swim over them, not a big deal.


Hey guys, thanks for the replys!
Both these resorts seem to get a good mention in most places, the Princess certainly (I think I’m right in saying it’s an adult’s only resort???), so will look into that 1. Again, the Majestic seems to rate highly on many sites, although I didn’t know quite so much detail, and it does sound like our sort of place, so again, many thanks.

Hey yamaha. Last year we lucked in and got bumped to the Majestic colonial. We had the most majestic and romantic holiday ever. The food is to die for, the grounds are spectacular, the room and view was awesome and the evenings were spent listening to bands or sax players out in the courtyard while we danced the night away under the stars. How romantic can you get and we have been married 19 years.

Hi Oceangal. Thanks for the input.
19 years! WOW congratulations, the Majestic certainly seems a good bet based on what you’ve said, romance under the stars sounds purrrfect! lol’s.

We upgraded to the Royal Suites Turquesa last year and loved it. King bed, balcony jacuzzi tub, adult only and if you want lots to do, you have full access to three other Palladium Resorts. Going back this year for our 34th anniversary.