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Top resorts and areas for SNORKELLING?


??? ???Can anyone tell me of places in the DR they have been that have fabulous snorkelling? Preferably right off of the beach of a resort would be great. Any snorkelling info on the DR would be appreciated. We are open to any area of the DR that would be suggested. Wanting to book a December trip soon.

Thanks ???


I think that would be Casa Del Mar in LaRomana!

you can see my pics of snorkeling on my webshots and blog both listed below.

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I agree with Baltobabe on the recommendation of Casa del Mar for snorkeling. They have the best snorkeling from the beach, but also the best access to the great south coast snorkeling excursions.

I have my pictures of snorkeling from the beach at CDM at:


And in the area at:


You will also see my other albums of CDM at that site ( http://community.webshots.com/user/kaki333 ). Let me know if you have any questions!

Kaki :smiley:


Try Natura Park in Punta Cana.
Just round the corner on the left side of the beach (facing the ocean) there are some pieces of coral.
Some tiny, some big starting at about 5 meters into the water.
A huge variety of fish, small and big.
I have been snorkeling there every day of my 17th days holiday for about 1.5 hours.
If you look really good you will find the ray’s under the sand, stone fishes and a lot more, so take your time and enjoy.
There is more then you think !!!


I had to pay to get away from the Cabeza de toro area of the beach which is near Natura Park. The water looked very murky and unblue at times with seaweed. I refused to swim there and that is rare for me. I am sure the resort is nice however but the beach left me cold. Snorkling from the beach is my favorite vacation activity and this is very important to me. I was transferred to the Melia Caribe Tropical which is on Bavaro beach with very blue water, white sand and many reefy areas for hours of successful snorkling from the beach. I never had to book a snorkling tour or trip and the resort is fabulous and upscale. I can also recommend other resorts right around it on Bavaro beach. I am staying at the Caribe Club Princess next week. The water is extremely clear blue there but there are very few reefy areas for snorkling so there is nothing to see. I hope to have a super vacation anyway. I love the resort.