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What resorts are topless?

Topless is not something the locals do… only the tourists and, it depends on which tourists and the country they are from. If it is mostly Canadian and American tourists, you won’t see much - if there are a lot of German or other European tourist - you will see more.

I think it’s a good reply.Probably there will be no beaches in any country that is allowed only topless people.It totally depends on the travelers.


Thanks, only saw a few last time down. Wife wasn’t sure if it was a no no on certain resorts.

Almost every resort forbids topless around the pool but do not say anything about the beach. If any topless that is usually where it will be.

The Hard Rock has a European pool. but I personally hated the resort.

Most resorts have tops :slight_smile:

Usually resorts are not topless … maybe some without roof :wink: just joking a bit! As I could see that in every resort ladies and gentlemen can go topless. Mostly European ladies you can see topless while north Americans are more conservative. As poster above said locals on any of the islands never go topless. Are you looking to avoid topless tourists or you looking to go to resort where most tourists are topless?

Yeah! like admin me too like to know this answer …what are you looking for Bryan2 :slight_smile:

Not really looking for one, but at times the wife likes to undo the top for a little tan while laying in a lounger. No exhibitionist stuff :wink:

Just go on the beach and let the girls go free. If you are right on the waterline you will be checked out by everyone walking by. Stay somewhat inland use LOTS of sunscreen and enjoy.

Only up in the chairs.