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Toronto airport at 3 am


can anyone tell me if anything is open in the airport at 3 am? We have always flown out of Toronto in the afternoon and started our holiday there with one or two wobbly pops. I can’t imagine starting to imbibe at 3 am but we will have to kill some time somehow. Can anyone tell me if duty free shops, or any other shops are open then?
Happy New Year to all.


Duty free will be open. Some but not all of the concessions will be open. After you clear security, some places will be open. Last trip, Tim Hortons was doing a great business with a long lineup.
Wobbly pops, Ontario, 3am, not likely!


Last time I was at the TO airport at 3 am, there were lots of shops open–bookshops etc. I am doing the 3am thing again this year again and will get to the DR just in time for lunch. Maybe I’ll see you there–what day are you leaving?


They were just opening little things at 7 a.m. last week when I was there. You can only buy things like muffins, bagels etc. Not a big selection.

Toronto airport should get their act together. I was in 3 American airports and they are like a friggin shopping mall with tons and tons of restaurants with really good food. Toronto has absolutely nothing. ANd I am not kidding…Even Punta Cana or Puerto Plata has more…selection that is.

So my suggestion would be to hit a Timmys before going to the airport that early in the morning. Or even packing some snacks and prepare for boredom!!!


sunseeker; leaving on jan 15. Thanks all for your info.


We’ve had many 6 a.m.'ish departures from Pearson and something is always open by the time we check in at 3 a.m. Tim Hortons opens somewhere around 3:30 a.m.
If you enjoy books, it’s a great time for reading because the other travellers waiting for flights are very quiet. :wink:


The timmies in the departure lounge opened at 5AM, but the line up was 45 minutes long !!! The people working behind the counter were extremely slow…guess 5AM is too early for them too. There is a Starbucks too that appeared to be moving along alot quicker.


Maybe plan on packing some snacks in your carry on just in case–granola bars, chips etc. as well as plenty of reading material of music. Surprising how fast the time goes when you are waiting to leave on vacation


The granola bars, chips etc are fine. Just make sure that any tropical fruits (say oranges) are consumed before you board the aircraft, or at the very minimum, before you arrive in the DR. You will not be welcomed with open arms if you have that kind of stuff with you. ::slight_smile:


I have always found lots open early in the morning…and yes the lineup for Timmies is always very long!