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Toronto Airport Baggage Carts

Does anyone know what the baggage carts at Terminal 3 at Pearson costs these days? Loonie, Toonie?

When you go into terminal 3 by Skyservice door…where are they located… Never needed one till this year…too much stuff to take with…

Just want to make sure we bring the right change in with us when we need to get a cart…

Thanks in advance…

Right outside the entrance doors and they are a Loonie.


Psssssst have the wifey carry the bags and save the loonie for a Timmies on on the way home

lol, typical male answer. How about a timmies for the wife before departing?

sure, as long as she is buying LOL…male is always lugging the luggage anyways!

and thats the way it should be ;D


4 hockey bags of humanitarian aid… 172lbs…
4 duffle bags our stuff… 88 lbs…

If you can get your wife to carry that… send her to the airport for us will ya :slight_smile:

Besides, was just informed… a small timmies is a $1.20 LOL

My wife got one a while ago and it was a dollar and she got 25cents back. That was in Terminal 1

You better count on the wife 3 years in a row couldn’t get a cart out of the rack, not saying they were not repaired and broke again but judgeing how intrested the people working there it would not surprize me :slight_smile: