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Toronto customs


Hi, to our Torontoians:
This will be our first flight landing in Toronto and clearing customs (we normally fly winnipeg).
Our flight lands at 6:10pm, and we can catch a connector flight to winnipeg at 7:40. Arrive Nolitours, depart with Air Canada (we are flying in on Westjet). Does anyone think we will have enough time to clear customs, and catch the next flight?
I am just waiting for the early flights next am to see what time we would leave from toronto to wpg, then we have another 5 1/2 hour drive home! i know suck it up rite?!~


Yeah you should be ok as long as your flights are on time. They move pretty fast at Toronto customs.


thank you.
spoke with DH, we decided to stay the nite and leave on the 815 flite next am.


Hi lynnb,

I think you made the right decision. If your flight was delayed for any length of time from P.C., you’d miss your connector. And if you have a tailwind which gets you back to T.O early, you have a really relaxing evening in which to unwind before your long trek home the next day. :smiley: This way you have a room already waiting for you. Be sure to check with Nolitours to see which airport hotel they have a “deal” with you so you can save a bit of money that way.

We, too, have a long drive home from the airport! It really sucksl, right?? >:(

Have a great trip… We want details upon your arrival home! ;D

Northgal :sunglasses:


absolutley will! It’s getting cold here already, I want to go now! lol