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Touchy Question


I don’t know if this is a touchy question or not - I don’t want to start something here…but I just logged in and noticed that bar room banter isn’t on the list anymore…has it been removed for good? I didn’t notice any issues yesterday when i was on…

And I don’t see any threads in Questions that would tell me what happened…

Just wondering … ???


Go read the second last response to the the amazing race thread there was a link to a porn site I think thats what did it


I personally think it was a mistake by the poster but anyways it did happen and so therefore that site the Bar Room from my understanding is gone for good. We can not just blame one member as all of us or should I say most of us have put some rather risque things in there and I’m included in that group. I honestly do think it is gone forever and will be just a fleeting memory that you can tell your children about :’(


I just received an update from Admin, all is well, poster has been reinstated by I guess by mutual agreement. Glad I was out of this one. ;D

Admin asked me to make a post and then lock all issues regarding.

Thank you