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Tour Operators Cut Flights

Posted from the Winnipeg Free Press, November 26, 2008

I guess this would explain why some of the folks here that are saying there flights have been changed.

So probably not a good year to be waiting for those great last minute deals. Seems this year they would rather cancel then sell cheap deals. And all those who were displaced will be filling the seats on what’s left.

i just posted teh same thing on Q’s Q’s. … then noticed the thread here…

i was very surprised that they are cutting/cancelling flights for us, not like we have a large selection here to choose from, right! I would not be happy if that was my flight!!! I just don’t see why all the tour operators can’t share one plane to the same destination! then at least ones who wish to go to that area can still have that opportunity. OVer the last 5 years of travelling i have noticed our travel from the peg is getting bad! most of our flights are now non direct, having at least one pit stop, which makes for a much longer flight especially those with real little ones! There weren’t many flights already that were direct from the peg this year and then to really limit those who wish to have a direct flight or decient flight times only one or two choices is bad IMO! no looking good for us here!!! :frowning:

[quote=@debinatore]Posted from the Winnipeg Free Press, November 26, 2008

I guess this would explain why some of the folks here that are saying there flights have been changed.[/quote]

1000 seats=about 5 flights or so. is this really a drastic cutback??

OK so this is what I have herd.

Sunwing was due to receive a new jet from Boeing. Boeing had some employees that were on strike for some time.

As a result of the strike Boeing was unable to supply Sunwing with the Jet that they were promised.
Sunwing was not able to secure an alternate plane and as a result was forced to cancel flights to areas that were not as popular as other destinations.

That is what I have herd

I also heard this on the CBC news radio and they actually had ordered I believe 16 planes The machinests went on strike for 8 weeks causing the delay for the delivery of the planes --so Sunwing had to cancel flights

sunquest also cancelled flights. it’s more then 5 flights. only signature is going to p.p. now and only signature and transat to p.c. it’s not just sunwing. THey also cut flights to mazatlan. my point is the choices of hotels will be a huge decrease, also now departure days or flight times that work for some. signature is having one D.R. flight but the pit stop in p.p. which makes that flight from 6hrs to much much longer which is a big bummer for families with young children, etc etc. I think the flight cancellations is a big thing for us winnipegers especially cause we don’t have a lot of variety when it comes to destinations.

I have booked with Conquest Vacations. We will be flying with Air Canada direct from Toronto to Punta Cana. Have not had any indication to expect any problems.

Air Transat is direct from Vancouver to PC. They did change there flight time a bit but not due to any cancelations they say.

Hope it works out for everyone in the Peg.

i wonder why it seems us here in the peg are the only ones affected???

Air Canada is still flying to PP out of Winnipeg as well as Signature. Sunquest, who we are booked with, is also still flying to PC from YWG.

My sisters’ Transat package to PP was cancelled a few weeks ago. At the time, the reason given was that they were no longer able to refuel in PP. Funny that they are still flying there from other departure cities. This was before the cancellations became a news item.

When they went online to pre-book their seats they said that pretty much the whole plane was still available. For our trip to PC half the seats were already reserved, and we made our booking a couple of weeks earlier than they did theirs.

so sunquest cancelled p.p. flights though… I never knew ac was flying to p.p. direct? when we were booking, our t.a. told us only direct to jamaica, cancun and p.c. with A.C.???

isn’t that strange how one plane can be completely empty and another half reserved already…

our flight time with transat has been changed to an earlier flight (originally around 5 in the afternoon, now 6ish in the am) but that’s all. so hopefully that is the only change! (which i’m cool with-i’d rather the earlier flight anyway) -flying out of to to pc…

I don’t know if AC has a direct flight to PP from Winnipeg, just that you can still get there with them.

The difference between one plane filling up and the other not may have been due to destination. The more full plane is heading to PC.

Funny that both Transat and Signature were/are using Skyservice to carry passengers to PP, yet you can still get there with Signature but not Transat. Even more strange is the fact that Transat was offering some of the best prices to PP at the time they cancelled their flights there and the plane was still empty??

i agree i thought the flight times were better at one point, and shorter flight too…

you can go to p.p. from wpg but through toronto… no direct, only p.c. with a.c. that is just what my t.a. told me…

i just don’t get why all the tour compaines can’t use one plane, fill it up and away we all go… then no one has to have a holiday cancelled, etc.

oh well we can allhope for a better year next year with travelling, hopefully!