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Tourist Card Advantage

Is there any extra advantage to use Tourist Card in DR? Will i have to pay anything on DR airport?


You can’t get into the DR without a tourist card. So yes it has advantages lol. It costs $10.

It depends on where you’re flying from and which airline. Some airlines include it in the fare while with others, you either buy it on-line ahead of time or at the airport when you arrive. In the latter case, you’ll have it in your hand for only a few minutes. You’ll buy it and someone will collect it just a little further down the way through immigration and customs.

Thanks a lot for thous informative reply :slight_smile:

Every man, woman and child entering the DR needs a tourist card unless you are a resident here. Flying from Canada on all carriers except I believe Sunwing the card is included. On all flights from the US it is NOT included but on US flights your exit tax of $20 is included. This $20 exit tax is also included on many but not all flights from Canada and usually NOT on flights from Europe.