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Tourist Card

Last update March 7, 2008 (by bfc)

Here is a picture of what comes with your package when leaving Canada. If you do not have the first one (the tourist card), you will be able to purchase it for $10 US just after you walk into the airport. If you are leaving from Canada, you should get one of the first (usually distributed on the plane or on the rampway) and one (it really should be two, but they usually only give you one) of the second forms. This is the embarkation/disebarkation form (affectionately referred to as the blue form). You will also be able to pick up the blue form if you did not get one on the airplane or in your package. No issue; that one is free. But don’t lose the first or it will cost you another $10 to replace. Hint: grab a second copy of the blue form as you’ll need another one to exit. If you forget, they’re readily available when you come home. It’s just easier to fill it out at leisure sometime during your vacation and not at the airport.

If your package doesn’t include the $10 tourist card (most US and UK departures), these may be purchased at the airport when you arrive. You can’t miss the booth.

New Tourist Card
(representative sample)

New Entry and Exit Document (the blue form)

After having your identification documents and/or passports checked and leaving the bottom (blue immigration form with immigration, you head towards the luggage carousel. After collecting your luggage, you’ll pass through customs. After customs, they will take the tourist card (top picture).

After you check your luggage and pay $20 US departure tax (see note), they collect another copy of the blue immigration form at Immigration. If you do not have one they will give you one to fill out (readily available).

Where and when they collect the $20 departure tax seems to vary from day to day and airport to airport.

Note: most Canadian airlines (Air Transat and Air Canada) are precollecting the departure tax. At the moment, Sunwing is NOT.

Canadian departures generally include the $10 tourist card as part of your package. Exception, infants in arms that don’t have their own seat. You’ll have to purchase this at the airport on arrival. Ditto the departure tax. Most airlines are now precollecting the $20 departure tax. If you are flying Sunwing, it’s not included, so you’ll have to pay $20US departure tax to leave.

US departures generally include the $20 US departure tax, but do NOT include the $10 tourist card. That’s changing too and sometimes it’s included.

UK departures, you generally have to pay both.

Note the word ‘generally’. To be on the safe side, it’s recommended to have the money tucked aside, just in case.

edit: deleted reference to Skyservice.

newest Additional form to be filled out on entrance and exit
in additional to the original blue forms

Things may have changed again. We filled out the declaration card coming into the country (as did one of our other posters) but was not asked for it when leaving. I had it filled out, just in case …