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Tourist hospital


Has anyone had to use the ‘tourist hospital’ that punta cana apparently has? What is it like, service wise etc? I’m planning to go with 2 kids under 3, so just in case!


Have not used it but I understand it is good


Not had the need to use it either, but my understanding is that it is as good or better than anything we have here. I assume you’re taking out the proper out of country health insurance …


Yes i wouldnt leave the country without travel insurance.


Good thing. A few years ago we stayed at Sirenas. They had an ambulance on site. It ran $300 just to get you to that hospital …


My wife had to use it last March when her PICC line quit working. There was a bit of a language issue, but they made every effort to communicate effectively. As far as the PICC line (semi-permanent IV), they made it sound like they had never encountered one before, and it was very difficult to try and explain (language issue again). We wound up having to deliver the medication by another means, and they refused to remove the failed line. Personally, I would rate it at 5 out of 10. Also, Bob from Canada is correct, I believe the ambulance ride was almost $250.00US, and thank goodness for the travel insurance. It’s like American Express, “don’t leave home without it” :-[ :-[



as bob said, as good as or better especially if you have the “right” insurance coverage, the best is the one where you don’t have any out of pocket or up front payments to make.


We had the “right” insurance, and it did not cost us anything out of pocket. However, if it comes to something out of the ordinary, I don’t feel that they are all that great. This was my observation and opinion, based on what was experienced by my wife.



I don’t know if the one you are referring to is the Hospiten Bavaro, but we had the misfortune to use them when my husband had a kidney stone attack while at a resort for our son’s wedding! I must say we were very impressed with the care and concern and the efficiency of the staff. There was a bit of a language problem, but mostly with reception. The nurses and doctors were great. The rooms were huge - even had patio doors to see the sun rise in the morning as we had to stay overnight.
We have an annual travel policy through CAA and there was no payment made out of pocket. All was handled well.


We used the clinic in Friusa last year and the service was great. A bit of a language problem but luckly we had our friend that lives there that came with us who is fluent in spanish (you would think that after going to the DR for over 14 years I would learn to speak the language. Although I can say that I am improving).
The only thing, even if you have insurance you need to pay for your services, we paid cash but I do not recall if they take credit cards, and then you file a claim with your insurance company when you get home. Some insurance companies require that you contact them first before going to any doctor or hospital or else they could deny you coverage. Check your policy very well.


We unfortunatley used the Hospital in Bavaro too - had to stay over night too. My husband had been progressively tired and weak as the week went on , and at the airport on our way home, he collapsed flat out on the floor.
We took an ambulance to the hospital and the doctors did speak excellent English and were quite knowledgeable. My husband was admitted and we stayed together in a room. The facilities were clean and efficient.
He was well enough to be discharged the next morning.

I don’t want to go back to the hospital again though - we missed our flights home, and he was quite sick for some time when we returned home to Canada


My wife was taken to this hospital a few years ago after she fell and broke her hip coming out from the beach restaurant at Grand Paradise Bavaro (missed the 1 step) - the surgery was delayed at first due to most of available blood has been shipped to Haiti after the earthquake there. Eventually our insurere flew us home to Toronto via Air Ambulance when a bed opened up at York Central.Care was good, but food was iffy (large dollop of mashed potatoes with no gravy/butter was dinner).