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Tourist visa purchase

Where can I buy my tourist visa prior to my arrival in the DR to save time?

great question!.. I also just happened to notice my operator does not include the departure tax… (I had to read the fine print…) good thing to know about before we go!!


Buy it here, buy it there; You’ll still get to the luggage carousel long before your luggage …

If the tourst visa is not part of your travel package deal, you need to pay for it.

We travelled with Sunwing in December 2008, and the tourist visa was not included.

When you come off the plane, there will be a line selling the tourist visa. Not much of a wait, so you do not need to worry of saving time.

Also, the departure tax will be collected by the gate when you leave. Believe me, they will announce it ample times, so you will not miss it.

By the way, the tourist visa is $10.00 per person and departure tax is $20.00 per person.

Hope this helps.

Absolutely right.
It has been known (rare) that they fail to collect the monies. In this case, consider it a bonus and put it towards next year’s trip. ;D

I don’t think that you can purchase it ahead of time from Canada. However, as mentioned in the earlier threads, the line isn’t long and even if it is, you still end-up at the carousel before your luggage!

Have a great vacation…