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Tourist Visa


Can you get the tourist visa’s ahead of time so you can have them filled out ? Thanks


I don’t know about USA TO but in Canada you receive it with your plane ticket so I would assume it is the same there.


No, USA doesn’t supply it with tickets. At least I have never received it.


Judging from the signature file, he’s been to the DR before and didn’t get one ahead of time.
I think it depends on the tour company/airline that you use.
To me the question is “Is it worth it?”.
You’ll have lots of time to fill it in while you wait for your luggage.


I know it doesn’t really save time, and if it does probably only minutes. Just was curious in case I wanted to get it. Sometimes I probably get overly prepared.


Best thing I could suggest would be to contact the nearest Dominican Consulate. I know some people in the UK do that, but they end up paying quite a bit more for the card (postage, handling and all that …).
In my case, I will be picking up my tickets at the airport just before the flight, so I’ll probably fill in the form in the departure lounge while I’m waiting for the plane, or on the plane in transit.


Hi all,
to apply in the UK costs £8.00 per person direct from the DR Consulate as opposed to $10 dollars in the DR so not too much more when you take into account the hassel of queing in the DR


FYI the DR is working on an online Tourist Card which will be available online and can be printed by the tourist (much like an airline boarding card, with some airlines). They have said that this should be in place on Dec. 1/05 but I personally think pigs will fly first.

Just my opinion.



We came back on Dec 1 midst the change from green to blue. So we were prepared to fill it in again.

When we checked our luggage, I saw lots of people filling in the new form who were obviously flying home. .

We were not given a new blue one, nor did we ask about it either, so we continued on. We went thru customs with no problem. She took the green one.

I wonder if you ask for one, they will gladly give it to you and let you go for it, but if you don’t, oh well.

I am sure they match everyone of those forms up with their matching halves, so as to complete the trail. Yea right…

The guy in front of us thru a bunch of stuff on the counter at customs, including his green card and his $20.

He was gesturing to the lady, who simply grabbed the $20 and the card and never even looked up. We didn’t see him again, but Ill bet he was spitting nails, when he realized what he did.

Has anyone heard of the reason why they changed them??