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I will be staying at the Decameron (date yet to be determined) and I was wondering about the cost of the tours. Could someone suggest the better ones. We want to go the the Canal and possibly a jungle tour of some kind.



For sure you have to see the Panama canal.

You didn’t say how long you are going for. Most trips take up most of the day due to the location of the Decameron. You might want to take that into consideration.



We will probably be going for 1 week, so I didn’t want to use up my entire week touring but I want to do a couple of good ones.



From personal experience I can only suggest that you have to see the locks. How you want to do it is your choice. There are a number of different tours you can take that will include the locks. We hired a taxi for the day that took us to the locks, through old and new Panama City, Duty Free Store, etc.

The only other tour we have gone on is the Embera one. That is really interesting.

You have to bear in mind that most tours will take up most of the day due to the location of the resort.



What is the Embera tour??? I spoke to one person and they went on a Jungle tour and loved it. We will probably be with at least 6 other people so I dont think a taxi will be enough.


You can get a taxi that is a van for a bigger group. One trip we were there with a large group so we hired a driver with a van that seated 10 or 12 people for our trip. Our friends that live in Panama City made the arrangements but I am sure some arrangements could be made for you.



Thanks for this info, I ask around about this option. How nice it would be to have your own tour plan. I like the idea of going to see new and old alike when talking about the city. The canal for me is a must do. I think others would like to go shopping as well.


It is a perfect way to tour = private taxi/van. Agree upon a price ahead of time, don’t pay ahead. The driver we had was really good. There was a language barrier, but we got along fine. I had a spanish/english translation book with me which we used…lol. He was willing to take us anywhere we wanted for as long as we wanted.

Bear in mind, you might be promised an english speaking driver, but not get one. That is what happened with us. Rather than get upset, rant and rave, we just accepted it and had a great time.


We just came back from RD and LOVED it. The tour prices are as follows:
Canal and Shopping $40 (8am-7pm) - did this one, good choice
City Tour and Canal $65 (8am-7pm)
Ecocanal Jungle Boat $85 (8am-6pm) - did this one too, excellent
Panama Express Train $95 (7:30-8pm)
Embera Indigenous Community $75 (8am-7pm)
Anton Valley $30 (8am-2pm)
Partial Canal Transit $95 (8:30am-7pm)
Culture and Crafts $30 (8am-2pm)
Bird Watching $65 (6am-12pm)
Aerial Tram - Gamboa $96 (8am-5pm)
Rafting Rio Grande River $95 (8am-5pm)

The zip line/canopy tours have been discontinued at present as they were severely damaged during the rainy season. There is no expected date for them to be up and running in the near future.