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Towel game

how long do you wait before you move somebodies towel if the chair isn’t being used?

Oh boy…


I don’t usually play the towel game, as I seldom am in need of a place to sit. However, if all chairs were occupied by towels, rather than people, I would have no problem removing one so I could sit down if I wished to do so. If the person came back and wanted the chair, I would simply relinquish it and choose another. But I seldom sit more than 15 minutes or so when I am on vacation. :slight_smile:

I’m like eeeefarm. I rarely sit on a sunbed and then for 10 minutes at the most just to rest my aching body if I have been for a walk.

I have to say though I do hate to see sunbeds reserved early in the morning with no one using them. I have NEVER reserved a sunbed in my life, and never would consider doing so.

I have NEVER reserved a sunbed in my life, and never would consider doing so.[/quote]

Me as well. Never reserved and never will do it … If I see that for long time sunbed is reserved but not occupied I go close to reception and call person who works in Customer Service of the hotel, explain situation and they remove it for me :slight_smile:

I always reserve chairs with towels and personal items. But I don’t leave them for hours either. Usually on the way to breakfast, so maybe 45 mins at the most. Espically when there was a group of 15 of us. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to get a place or chairs for all of us to be together.

But those that put towels down at 6am and then show up at noon or later, I have an issue with.

[quote=@sandycracks]how long do you wait before you move somebodies towel if the chair isn’t being used?[/quote][b]Personally, I would consider it very rude to touch anyone’s belongings.
However, it is also very rude for people to “reserve” a chair for hours on end.

Catch 22 situation… :stuck_out_tongue:

Therefore, we travel in “low season” to avoid those scenarios… [/b]

This happens everywhere from 2* to 5* resorts. I need the shade that why I return to the same resort that I know the beach chair. Between 9.30-10 I am at the beach.

I’m up at the crack of dawn and head to the beach right away. Then, it’s off to the lobby bar for a cappuccino to go and am back to the beach in minutes. Usually spend a good hour watching the sun rise and enjoy the solitude and quiet. Then it’s off to breakfast for about 45 minutes and I use that lounger all day, usually until sundown. I am unable to spend a whole day exposed to the sun. I’d be really ticked off if someone moved my stuff when I only took a swim/walk/short meal break.

I usually travel in low season and have never had a problem. I find myself spending very little time sitting on the beach these days. Prefering to go hiking and birdwatching.

When I see everyone crowded together just barely a few feet from each other. I can’t see the attraction. At Cayo Largo, I wandered a few kilometers away and sat on a rock with a bag of beer, binoculars and camera.

[img width=“511” alt="" src=“http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a609/sssnakes_alive/Cayo%20Largo%20Cuba%20sept%202012/171_zps428da9ba.jpg” style=“width:770px;height:514px;max-width:100%;” height=“461”]

I don’t mind reserving a seat especially if you are with friends and you would like palapas next to each other. Also I’m usually on the beach right after breakfast so my seat is not empty for too long. When I leave for the day I take my stuff with me thereby freeing up the chair.