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Towels and face cloth's at Iberostar Daiquiri

I heard that beach towels and face cloth’s are hard to come by at Iberostar Daiquiri. I was told that I should even bring my own because fresh ones are hard to get. Has anybody experienced this at Iberostar Daiquiri.


No face cloths in Cuba

I have not been to Iberostar - but many other resorts in Cuba and I have never found one that offers face cloths. We bring our own - usually non white - so they are identifiable as non hotel linens. They will on most trips stay behind.

As to towels, I have found in peak season quite often you might not have a complete set until the end of the day as so many are in rotation they are not all yet ready. And other good point - if you don’t need them to be replaced hang them up. Place the ones you want washed in the tub. There is so much unnecessary laundry done … I don’t know about you but I do not use a fresh towel every day at home.

i have been to the Daiquiri many time and they usually have a shipment of clean beach every day but you have to be at the hut to exchange them and yes you usually don’t see facecloths in Cuba but i must say i have had them don’t know if its just that i am a return guest or the maid brought them to me as a treated as i treated her very good not sure. hawkowls when are you going i will be there, i will be there April 30 to May 14 if your going to be there before me say hi to Lazaro and Randy at the pool bar from tommy boy thanks

been to ID 3 times, 4th in March:) they have never been short of anything! of course there are no face cothes in Cuba. Throw a couple in your case and you ll be good to go!!

Im going Feb 22 to march 1st I will send your regards to them. My sister was there last week and she loved it. I cant wait to go myself… I will bring my own beach Towel and face cloth’s



Not exactly true.

There are indeed some resorts in Cuba that provide face cloths. Breezes Jibacoa is one of these resorts and as a bonus, they also provide a box of facial tissues.

We always bring our own though.

you can get them in Cuba if you ask or fuss a little :slight_smile: why bother …I just bring a couple !!

Melia Cayo Santa Maria provides face cloth when was there last December.

[quote=@nhathanh]Melia Cayo Santa Maria provides face cloth when was there last December.[/quote]Yes, MCSM has face cloths also screens on the windows…rare for Cuba. I always bring my own beach towel…easy to recognize and I don’t have to worry about losing theirs! I’ve never understood people who want fresh towels and sheets changed daily…do you do that at home??? (read a review complaining about sand in the sheets…well really, don’t you bathe after being at the beach?) ;D