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Transat Holidays--which airline would you choose?


We have the choice of either using Air Transat for our plane, or Skyservice as our plane. They leave within about 5 minutes of each other from Toronto, but the Air Transat choice is currently about $50 more per person…

We have no intention of upgrading on either plane, so which one would YOU fly?

:slight_smile: In my experience, I haven’t found either one of those carriers better or worse than the other one. They’ve gotten me to where I want to go and that’s about all I ask for. :-*

Both of those charters fly out of YVR here in BC but I quit using them both due to their outrageous weight limits. I do admit that when we go to MX we go for 15-18 days. We now fly out of Seattle (are you close to a US airport) and save at least $1,000.00 plus we get double the weight allowance. They did make some 2nd baggage changes though.After almost 2 dozen vacations I have become better at packing too :slight_smile:

Both of these airlines are very much the same in service. I do still have a bone to pick with Sky Service though. Within a week of two flights I flew Transat and forgot that Sky Service only allowed 5kg. Trans allowed 10kg. Well my carry-on empty was according to them 5kg. I was one of those tourists that I even dread. They made me shuffle my stuff and then my luggage was over and my wifes under, their limit. They then wanted to charge me for the overage. Well the fight was on. Finally we got through, but very stressful. I was at fault, I admit, for forgetting their different rules then Transat. Iam still upset not only with myself but more so the way Sky Service staff treated us. Transat seems to have a little more pleasant stewarts/esses on broad.

thanks…we’re leaning towards Transat…the plane seems bigger, the luggage for “carryon” is a bit more…

One is a bad as the other. Just sit down, shut up, and hang on. And say your prayers…

We’ve flown with both and found the on board lack of comfort the same that’s why, for our upcoming trip, we are taking advantage of Air Transat’s Club Class. 6 hours of flying comfort is worth the upgrade cost to us. If we lived in Central Canada and had their shorter flight times, we would follow hattrick’s suggestion ;D

The “last” trip we had booked with Air Trashcan was such a disaster, that we will pick a wheelbarrow uphill over them every time now. I always find it gooder to pay the extra for the upgrades and have a comfy seat, upgraded meal and what ever else they happen to offer.

Jake, eh

The most important thing here is , are they safe to fly with and do they get you to your destination? All the rest is just a minor inconvenience. They have moved out some seats to give you room ,but remember the population keeps growing. How soon we forget the unpleasant flight while standing on the beach!

[quote How soon we forget the unpleasant flight while standing on the beach![/quote]

My unpleasant Air Transat experience would take more than a quiet moment on the beach to forget. They left us “stranded” in a hotel in Holguian that Cubans use for their vacations…$5.00US per night. No food, no water and not one English speaking person on staff…

Jake, eh

So Jake, which airline are you taking this coming spring? Out west, we seem to have more and more airlines flying out of here. We even have Aero Mexico flying out of here. The downside is certain tour companies use certain airlines and you do not have much choice. But like I said before, if they are safe that is most important to me.

I agree Rene, safety is number one, but comfort comes a close second for me. Once the flights get four hours or longer, I really look for comfort…a matter of personal choice. We are flying on an Air Canada charter next April and I have us booked in the executive class, to be able to take advantage of the seats, meals, additional weight, semi private washroom, “free drinks” and the Air Canada Lounge at both ends of the trip.

Jake, eh

There was a reason I asked what airline you were taking. My wife and I will not fly Air Canada or Air Canada Charters. I would go as far to say you could give up the flight even if it was free. There are several reasons why we personally would not use them. Its not because they not safe.
If you book a package out of their book and part of the flight is to arrive at the charter flight and you miss it because of weather. Guess what? Air Canada Vacations will not refund your package price. They said Air Canada and Air Canada Charters are different companies! So you are sh.t out of luck. Again you must read the fine print. The people this happened to are still fighting this. The best Air Canada charters has come up with is to refund the GST and 5 days hotel out of 7 paid for. These people couldn’t get on Air Canada in their home town because of cold weather. They missed the charter and therefore forfeited their entire package price.

Depending on which resort you choose, sometimes you can only get there with one tour operator. The resort we’re looking at, the Grand Palladium, is only offered by Transat Vacations for the most part (one portion of the resort is offered by Sunwing, which I won’t do again if at all possible), so we have litle choice except for planes in this case…

The Transat plane’s “map” looks to be a much larger plane and not as squished as Skyservice’s…I think we’ll give it a go!

Good luck with what ever you pick auburnskye, it’s all in the way you look at it, but you do make a good case, when you realize that certain packages are only offered by certain carriers. If I had my heart set on a special resort, I too would have to fly Air Transat again, but for now, I will abstain…matter of personal choice. Once again, good luck.

Jake, eh

Just got back last week from Punta Cana…We flew Skyservice.

It was a four and a half hour flight and the seats were the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in.
They were made of leather and have seen better days.
The one thing that was weird was that their gate agents in Punta Cana didnt even check anyones passports against their boarding passes when leaving the waiting area to board the plane ???
I called Skyservice on that when we got home and they were very concerned and said that wasnt right and they were going to check it out.
We also got scr$#@wed by Air Canada this pass spring in Vegas and left stranded at the airport after our flight was cancelled due to the crew running out of flying time…us and 250 other passengers.No hotel,meal not even a coffee voucher.
Swore I would never fly Air Canada again but the wife booked Air Canada to Cancun in December.

And another wife bites the dust, eh BeechPatrol, we can’t have “them” booking behind our backs, next thing you know, we’ll all be flying “Mary-Kay-Air-Lines”… ;D

Jake, eh

[quote=@jake]And another wife bites the dust, eh BeechPatrol, we can’t have “them” booking behind our backs, next thing you know, we’ll all be flying “Mary-Kay-Air-Lines”… ;D

Jake, eh

:slight_smile: What’s the matter with that? You don’t like the colour pink? Maybe you could get a free facial while on board. :smiley: :-*

I would love to fly westjet but they don’t offer the packages that we want. All of the rest of them are crap. Just so long as the jet “hits” where we want , that is gooder enuf’

So long as " Mary Kay " airlines had enough room for my knees , I don’t care if the jet was pink inside and out !

"Start speadin’ da news "
I’m leavin’ today “
” Toronto then Cancun "
“If they will make- it- there “
” I’ll drink it any-where”

Frank Sinatra ain’t no V. C. Canadian

As a matter of fact shirleyujest, I love pink ;), it brings out the colour of my good eye ;D. As far as the facial goes, if it is one of your “tickers” administering it “I am all in, bring it on” :smiley: ;).

Jake, eh