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Transat Planes

This year will be the first time we will be flying on an Air Transat plane (Airbus 310-300 out of Halifax). We have prebooked our seats. I am just wondering if they have table top TV screens or if viewing is limited to the very few screens mounted to the ceilings of the aircraft? We are traveling with a child and a couple of teens. Trying to decide if we should bring the portable DVD player also.

as far as I know its the overhead screens…at least on the flight we are taking with then out of Halifax.

If you visit their site…you can see the 3 types of planes they fly…or when you prebooked your seats online it would have shown you(assuming you did it and not the TA)

Just Westjet as them in the back of all the seats as far as I know…

I have looked on their site and have seen their layout…alas we are so very used to flying Westjet it was probably wishful thinking on my behalf…LOL.

We have pre booked our seats and I asked that question to the Trasat Rep they said overhead screen


They have overhead screens. The DVD plaver is a good idea, we have taken one even though we don’t have kids. If the movie is not good or the system is not working you can watch whatever you take. You can use it in your room also hooked up to the TV to keep the kid’s interested on a rainy day or when your getting ready for dinner.

do we know if the seats have an AC plug in?

Single plug ins for the sound on Transat.

AC plug in. No. Just an earphone socket (single prong I believe).