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Transfer from airport to resorts

think over our trip to Dominican Republic one question emerged…How much time will it take us to get from the airport to the well-known resorts (Punta-Cana, Samana – we have not decided yet where to go)?

Depends where you fly into and which resort you are staying at.

If you fly into Punta Cana then if my memory is correct you are anywhere from 15-45 minutes to the various resorts (someone please correct me if I’m off).

Not sure about Punta Cana to Samana. We flew into Samana once and our resort was still a 90 minute ride away.

As Bryan says, Punta Cana could be 15-45 minutes (or more for the more distant properties). You also have to allow for the bus stopping at other resorts to drop off passengers while on the way to your resort. In Samana, our bus trip was also 90 minutes and we stopped at two resorts on the way. Puerto Plata resorts are generally 15-30 minutes.
It’s also possible that the flights you pick may not go to the airport nearest your resort, resulting in a longer ride than expected. Best to verify that when you are making your arrangements. There are a number of possible airports. It’s a very big country.

We plan to fly to Santa Domingo and stay there for couple of days to get acquainted with the city, after that we plan to go or to Puerto Plata or Punta Cana…can somebody tell me how much time will it take us to get there?and what kind of transport is it better to use?

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