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Translation Please?

Can anyone help me to get a ‘phrase’ translated ? I have friends going to Cuba whose son in deathly allergic to peanuts. They have heard that if you carry a card that is translated that says “I have a life threatening allergy to Peanuts and Peanut Products”. Can anyone translate that or suggest where??


“Tengo una alergia mortal al mani y a los productos de mani”


Tengo una vida en peligro de alergia a los cacahuetes y productos de cacahuete ". Includes the phrase peanut products

How will they know what’s really in the buffet dishes? I think I’d keep my child at home if the allergy is really life threatening.

rhondayolanda: I certainly don’t mean to offend and I appreciate your effort and contribution, but I believe rosibal’s translation is spot on - simple and very easy to understand.

The translation you provided says “I have a life in danger from…”, which is not quite as accurate (and direct) as “Tengo una alergia mortal”.

And in Cuba, peanut is indeed commonly called “mani”. For example, peanut butter is “mantequilla de mani”.