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Transport - Santo Domingo Airport to Canoa Coral


I am research a trip to the Canoa Coral Hilton for early July. I know there is an airport in La Ramona but it would be $150 or more extra per person to fly in there rather than SDQ. I have read that it is and $80 to $100 cab far from SDQ to the hotel. Are there any other options? I was thinking of doing a tour of Santo Domingo on our last full day in the DR (I understand these cost about $50 per person). Do you think that the tour operator could drop us off at a hotel in Santo Domingo at the end of the day to save money and travel time on the way back to the airport? Can anyone put me in touch with a tour operator to ask about this? Thanks for any help.


Nice try but I seriously doubt that the Santo Domingo Tour Operator is equipped to handle your luggage nor would he accept the responsibility.

Just mi dos pesos.

For Taxi contact Rafael Silva at www.dominicantaxi.com