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Transportation: Santiago Airport to Puerto Plata


I am traveling to Puerto Plata in a couple weeks and flying into Santiago airport. What is the best way to get from Santiago airport to Puerto Plata? We are looking for quickest and safest way. We land in the afternoon.


It’s about a 90 minute drive from Santiago to Puerto Plata. Last year, I believe the taxi fare was about $100US plus tip. Gas prices and taxes have gone up considerably in the last year so I would expect it to be a bit more. I guess it depends on how good a negotiator you are. Make sure you have agreed on the fare before you get into the taxi.

Thanks! Is it okay to just get a cab at the airport or should I try to schedule something in advance. There are also 5 of us. Will there be van cabs that can take 5?

Yes you will need a van cab. I would suggest that you contact Elias (we as well as our friends and clients all use him) as he has a newer van and will easily fit five and luggage. His fare is the same as cab at $100 +tip. Some of the cabs will limit the number of passangers to 4 and try to charge more the the extra one.
Elias contact info:
809-842-5557 (cell phone)

He also speaks perfect English.