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Transportation Varadero Airport to Hotel

???We will be a group of 6 landing at Varadero next week, as our hotel is near the end of the strip I am considering hiring private transportation, ( no stops along the way ), any one done this ? what should we expect to pay ? Also, should I advise our tour operator ? ( don’t want a bus held up because they are waiting for us ), any suggestions ? :sunglasses:

Definitely advise the rep at the airport, be sure to give her (or him) the names of everyone in your party!!

In addition to alerting the tour rep at the bus, you might also ask about the check-in process. Some resorts will do it on the bus or have unique check-in arrangements. We stayed at the Sirenis La Salina (via Air Transat) in January and they had a separate room off the main reception desk for their check-in which was quite quick and then the bellhop took you directly to your room. If you arrive independently you may have some confusion.

If you are getting a taxi from the airport it will cost around $40 . Thats what we had to pay from the Airport to Iberostar Varadero. There is not much negoitiaing prices there either. Trust me I tried but they wouldn’t budge : ) lol
And defiently let the reps know that you won’t be on the bus!!

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Will the Rep have a sign? How do you know where to go once you have your luggage?

The reps do have signs , they also have shirts on that usually says what company they are with. They are right outside the Airport doors so its not hard to miss them.

Jackie :sunglasses:

And when you say Company… I should be looking for a sign that says ACV?

Yes they will have something on or holding something stating that they are from ACV! No worries : )

I doubt that you’d have to make more than maybe one stop along the way so I’d not bother taking a taxi. In my experience the bus trip and check-in has gone very smoothly. I’ve found that the bus ride is a chance to relax, have a couple of cervezas and enjoy the scenery and warm temperatures.

I would reconsider taking the bus provided, at least you will be comfortable, not many taxis in Varadero are equipped for 7 occupants, comfortably! ; P

Thanks all, after careful consideration I think we will stick with the b us, that way I am sure we will get there safe ;D and a lot less crowded than all of us stuffed in a cab :sunglasses:

Hi, I didn’t think there was much negogiating either…but when I paid $60 and my friends paid $30 for theirs, I was pretty ticked…not at anyone but myself for not getting a better deal. This was last year so it might have changed since then.

I paid $30 last April from the Airport to the resort then Sept they charged me $40 and I told them I paid $30 the last time and no one would budge, It was $40 or nothing so we paid the $40 ::slight_smile:
Anyway it will be interesting to see what they will try and charge me for in April. I’ll let you know when I get back. ;D