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Travel disaster with American Eagle


My girlfriend and I just experienced the ultimate travel nightmare on our way to a prepaid vacation at Sandals on Saint Lucia. We were trapped in San Juan airport for two days trying to get our connecting flight to Saint Lucia. American Eagle airline (owned by American Airlines) cancelled flight after flight. They claimed low clouds, but eventually began claiming any reason they could. Plus, they allowed a couple out of eight or nine flights to go. They refused to schedule extra flights, they refused to pay for our hotel and they ended up losing our luggage. We cancelled our vacation at Saint Lucia and came home without our luggage. No-one from American Airlines has responded to repeated emails. So use caution when traveling to Saint Lucia. American Eagle doesn’t care about you and the San Juan International Airport is a terrible place.


You made the decision with your air carrier, this has nothing to do with a St. Lucia vacation gone astray. There are many other airlines that would have put you into Vigie with no problems from San Juan, you should have cancelled your Am Eagle connection got a refund and switched to LIAT.

I feel sorry because you missed a wonderful vaction at a great resort "Sandals:


That’s what I would have done hlywud! Liat offers great schedules, flights and service in my opinion. I guess we have been lucky or learned the tricks over the years because we have never experienced any of the “issues” that are outlined on these boards. I call it “going with the flow.” It is an ability that comes in handy when travelling abroad.