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Travel Documents From Canada TO PC?


I am planning my second Jaunt to P.C. and have a dear Inuit friend who has no PASSPORT, the travel agent said he doesnt need one from Canada…Is this TRUE?? Can a Ontario Health card and Birth Certificate Suffice???


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your TA is correct, birth certificate and photo id, will do, i would carry as many pieces of id as possible in case they question 1 piece you will have another


Does his Ontario Health Card have photo ID?? If not, some other photo ID is needed, such as driver’s license…


ontario health cards and quebec health cards have photos on them unless you are a child



[quote author=gettingmarriedindr board=general thread=1167856158 post=1167865840]ontario health cards and quebec health cards have photos on them unless you are a child

There are still a few old ones around without the photo.


I think there are many old OntarioHealth cards around. Both my sons, 27 and 29 still have the old ones and so does my husband who is 67. The plan was to replace them all but now they just do it if you apply for a new one. I got a new one with my picture when I remarried and changed my name.


We both have Ontario Health Cards with Photo ID but I have a current passport.

PS Any resonably priced resorts on Playa Dorada on the Puerto Plata Side, have not totally decided yet on which resort, trying to save a few bucks this time as I am paying for 2 others.


We are retuning to the Dominican for the 8th time April 16-30th and only travel with Driver’s license and birth certificate. Since my name on my birth certificate and my license aren’t the same, I also bring my work photo id. I have never had a problem or been asked for anything but what I have shown them.