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Travel Documents have arrived!

Not long now! :smiley: :smiley:
Our travel documents have arrived, they have been printed off and are in the folder with our passports! As far as legalities, we are ready to go!!
Now I just need to pack up my entire kitchen as we are having a new kitchen put in and the contractor is going to start the demo work while we lie on the beach!! Works for me!

wow beach, new kitchen, sounds great.

I know how excited you must be, our E-tickets arrived last week!!! YIPPY!!!

WOO HOO!! Our e-docs arrived last week, too. Makes it feel that much closer. :slight_smile:

Still waiting for our e-docs to arrive and we are leaving in 10 sleeps…I know it’s not a big deal but I always LOVE to have them in my hands!

I would be calling whomever you booked your vacation with and find out where your documents are. After all, things do get lost in cyberspace. We got ours a month prior to departure. Sure makes it feel like warm temperatures are not far away!

NSTipeer, hae you tried to go on line under your tour operator to see if they are there. You enter you booking number etc. and yes I agree you should have received them by now. I received mine last week and we don’t travel until April 2.

My TA called me today. To verify I had received them as she had just sent them…and…guess what? I have them now! Thanks for all your concern and suggestions! 9 more sleeps!

Glad to hear that you received them, now it feels so much more real that you are going on vacation…

You are sooo right!!